You’ve just had one of the most amazing family holidays ever or perhaps it wasn’t all that memorable? Either way, you need to go back to your routine and kids need to start school again. This transition is often very difficult for both parents and their kids and there are many reasons for that.

For a short period of time, you had a chance to relax, change the environment and spend some quality time with your family. However, you’re back home now and the post-vacation blues have kicked in. So, what are the best ways to deal with them and help your kids hit the ground running when it comes to the start of a new school year?

Adjust your sleeping pattern beforehand

This is particularly important if you’ve travelled across different time zones. Your body needs time to adapt to new routines and some kids really find this difficult. So, if possible, don’t plan long trips home just before the school starts. Allow at least a few days for everyone to get back to normal routines. Also, make sure your kids go to bed early enough during the days before school, so that they have no problems getting up early once the school starts.

Healthy lifestyle

If you’ve allowed yourself and your family days off when it comes to leading a healthy life while on holiday, you need to revert to your old schedule as soon as possible. Not only will that be beneficial to your health, but it will be yet another signal that the holidays are over, and you need to go back to work and school. If you haven’t exercised before the holiday, now is the perfect time to start. You’ll soon feel much more energized and that should take your mind off of the idea that you have to go back to your usual duties.

Get ready for the new school year

Going back to school or work is never easy. While we may be old enough to be fully aware that it’s inevitable, our kids may find it harder to accept. Especially because they’ll have to study a lot and take many tests in a very near future. If you are unable to provide good support to them in terms of studying, you should definitely find someone who can. A reliable maths tutoring option can assist your kid and prepare them for all the tests coming their way. It’s vital that your kid starts the new school year with good grades because it will be a huge boost to their confidence and they’ll feel much more capable of dealing with all school-related issues.

Start planning your next holiday

There are many reasons why you should start planning your next holiday as soon as you return from one. To begin with, you’ll feel much more motivated and you’ll also have to start budgeting for the next family trip. This will mean that you’ll be much more likely to save enough money and not have to take up loans or borrow money for your next holiday. Also, you can take advantage of many early-booking offers and perhaps be able to afford something that would otherwise be unattainable for you.

Make time for family

Family members are usually sad when they return from holiday since it means they won’t be seeing each other that much anymore. To alleviate the problem, try to find as much time as possible to devote to your family during the week, so that you improve the bond within the family. Don’t take on more responsibilities, because you’ll be more stressed, and your family will definitely suffer.

The post-vacation blues are a well-known and researched problem, which can’t be ignored. What can be done, however, is to make sure the symptoms do not aggravate. So, it’s up to you to deal with this issue the best you can, so that the whole family doesn’t suffer a lot and that you can all look forward to your next trip together.


Published by Emma Lawson