With the increasing trend of doing physical activities, people are looking for new ways to improve their stamina and endurance. First, let's have a look at the detailed meaning of these two things. Stamina is energy and strength to exert oneself for long period of time. You might have heard this word out of a bodybuilders’ mouth or someone who is into some extreme sports. Endurance means to able to endure something for a long period of time. Most of the time people like to focus on cardio for increasing the stamina, but there are a whole lot of things that can really help.

Here is a list of everything you should try to increase your stamina:

  • Take good care of your diet

You might be wondering, why when you are talking about the physical workout, everyone keeps fixating on having a good diet. See it like this, if you want to improve the working of any machinery, the first thing you take care of is the fuel. Food is a fuel for our body too. Try to take a well-balanced diet. Your diet should have a large amount of protein and carbohydrates. I know staying away from fatty food is difficult, but it will be highly beneficial to you. Usually, people go with a having a large meal twice or thrice a day. Change it to a couple of meals per day. Divide these three meals into a couple of meals and keep taking them every hour. When you are talking about balanced meals, fruits are the basic ones. Keep fruits, dry fruits, etc. in your diet.

  • Drink enough amount of water

I have seen people working out, taking a protein shake and doing everything to stay in shape, but one thing that most of the people forget to do is to drink water. Staying hydrated is the core of staying healthy. We are all well aware of staying hydrated. It helps you in losing weight, keeps the organs healthy, removes the dangerous toxins from the body. It helps in keeping your stamina high too. Before you start working out, drink a large amount of water. Nonetheless, to say, do not drink water and start working out, it can cause kidney pain. Drink water a couple of hours before you have to work out. If you are looking forward to going for a long run, keep water bottles with you.

  • Endurance running training

Endurance running training is one of the most effective ways to increase endurance. Many people have been trying this practice and have seen visible results. Take the example of Craig Beesley, he started from the 30-second-long run, and by training every day, he took it up to 3 hours run. For keeping up with this routine, there is one thing to keep in mind, practice and patience. You are not going to achieve it all in just one day or week. It requires consistency. Set a goal for each day and try to achieve it little by little. Even if you make progress at turtle’s pace, at least you are making some improvement. Set a goal to run five more minutes every day. When you think that you are making progress, increase the time.

  • Physical exercise

One thing that you need to give up for increasing stamina is laziness. Healthy life and lazy routines cannot go side by side. Especially when we are talking about stamina and endurance, exercise has to be involved. One of the most common interceptions about physical exercise is that people think that they have to hit the gym and lift some heavy weights. This is all so cliché. You can stay active by choosing any physical activity like cycling, running, swimming etc.

Published by Mohammad Shoaib