While you are reading this article, a part of your body which is a dome-shaped, muscular partition separating your thorax from your abdomen called diaphragm is contracting and relaxing. Every contraction sucks air into your lungs, and as the muscles rest or relax, air is pushed outside your body. Interestingly, your diaphragm accepts a command coming from your brain to do this fifteen times a minute consistently.

An ancient book written 3,500 years ago used the Hebrew word “nephesh” to describe a human being which literally means “a breather”. Medically accurate, breathing sustains life and any problems associated with it will surely affect one’s well being and manner of thinking. Moreover, breathing problems can cause serious illness and great impact on the soundness of mind.

Other ancient books and writings contain comical speculations about the purpose of breathing. Both Greek and Roman philosophers had this strange theory that humans breathe to keep a literal fire burning inside their hearts which in turn provides the needed warmth for the human body. Such theory remained popular until the 16th century. With years and decades of scientific researches, the true purpose of breathing became known more clearly in our 20th century.

Good Breathing Plays a Vital Role for Good Health and Healthy Mind

Scientists proved that Oxygen from the air coming from plants is absorbed by the human body and then absorbed further and specifically by the blood. The blood, in turn, transports the oxygen to trillions of cells within the whole human body. Amazingly, each living cell uses the oxygen to produce energy, sustain life and maintain good health and healthy mind.

How then can breathing keep us healthy? Well, it also plays a very important role to keep our body clean. During the natural process of blood passing through the lungs, it releases carbon dioxide before absorbing a fresh load of oxygen. Whenever we move and become extra active, the level of carbon dioxide in our body increases naturally. This is a natural human process.

Marvelously, our body has a mechanism that will prevent the cells from overloading with this carbon dioxide waste. That is why as the blood passes through the brain, any rise in the level of carbon dioxide in the blood is swiftly checked. Immediately and accurately the brain will command the body to increase the depth and rate of breathing to balance the oxygen in the brain. The result is a healthy mind and healthy body.

Good Health and Healthy Mind will lead you to Ultimate Success

What is the worst thing than failure? Striving your way to false success could be the worst thing. If you are very sick, depressed, and unhappy, you are definitely veering away from the true success despite all your riches you gain. Towards the path of false success, you may think that you are winning when in reality you are losing. Sadly, by the time you realized it, the need to change may be too late.

It is always safe to believe in an old saying that says, “Prevention is better than Cure.”  True enough, maintaining a healthy mind and body will lead you to think straight and set realistic goals toward success.  Preventing illness will guarantee success because as you reach various achievements, it is happier to reap them while you are in good health.

So how do you start your road to success? Perhaps, how do you breathe your way to success? It isn’t metaphorical. You do have to breathe perfectly right. Maintain good health and healthy lifestyle.  In one survey conducted, “financial stability” ranked 20th place in a list of 22 “factors to have a successful life”. Top answers were good health, good relationships and a job you love. Good health is directly connected to ultimate success backed up with family happiness and contentment.

Breathe Your Way to the Ultimate Success

“Health is wealth.” Physical and spiritual health must be in your priorities. But, of course, everything should be in moderation. Thinking too much of yourself will lead you to failure than to success. Think less of yourself and be generous. An ancient book said, “that there is happiness in giving than in receiving”.  Be mindful of your health but be considerate of the health of others, too.

Have you heard about the saying, “a live dog is better off than a dead lion?”  Work hard and make your job a part of your happy life but not your whole life. Realistically, will you be successful if you are at the top of your career but at the bottom of your health and low in respect from your family & friends? Remember, people who are ultimately successful breathe their way towards their goals while keeping their work, health and family life in proper balance.















Published by Emily Rose