Social media websites become the best platform to earn fame and there are lots of people that earned fame and gain the visibility. However, most of the people think that this is easy but in reality, this is all about getting more followers to reach on the apex. Instagram is well known social media app that is used by millions. Everyone can be the top Instagram user but it requires talent and follower. Still, the issue is same that how to get more followers? Well, there are lots of methods that can help in getting more with ease. You can sponsor any of your posts so that you can gain the likes and comments on your post. This will also help in getting more followers with ease. This is paid method and less effective because not every user will follow you. You will end up spending too much money by this method and if you want it free then there are total three methods that can help you out.

Post Interesting Photos/ Videos /Stories

You may know that Instagram is a platform where you can post any kind of photo, video and other entertaining content except some illegal things or nudity. If you are going to start posting pictures or videos then try to be creative. If you are a singer and want the fame then you should post music videos of yourself singing the latest songs with something creative. There are lots of ideas and to be honest, only unique people get fame. You can’t copy someone otherwise this will defame you. Stories open is the best method to get more because you can post something short like playing any music instrument. This will help in getting more followers but how you can reach to the right viewers? Well, Hashtag is the method to get started.

Use Hashtag On Every New Update

If you are posting something then choose a good caption and then use some famous hashtag. On the other hand, you should use hashtag that are related to your skills because this will help others to find you out.

There are many people who keep on searching for such people using the hashtag related to their interest. This will help in reaching to the right audience and there is no doubt that you can get fame with this method. Keep on posting and entertaining your free Instagram followers. Try to reply back to most of the comments on your post. This will lead to increase your fame and your followers will help in gaining more audience.

Additional Methods

You can find that there are lots of people who are posting content same as you. This is easy to find that using the hashtag. Search for any of the hashtag and like more than 100 posts in single time. Try to comment on some of the posts.

Be nice to everyone and give some comments or compliments so that they follow you back. According to the research, if you like posts of people that aren’t following you then you can get more followers. This method seems little hard but it is effective.

Get Shout Outs From Popular Accounts

There are many people that have a huge amount of followers and if you know any of them then you can try to get a shout out. This is actually an Instagram term in which two accounts agree to post each other best photo/video.

Both of them mention the account so that they can promote each other. There are many accounts that provide shootout but start some contest and the winner get to shout out. This helps a lot and many famous accounts use this method in the beginning.

Stay Away From Frauds

You can find lots of applications and websites that are providing followers, likes and comments but is it really helpful? Well, most of them are fraudulent and it can be harmful to rely on such methods otherwise you can end up getting into more trouble.

The best method to follow the methods we have mentioned otherwise you can end up getting banned. In such conditions, you have to create a new account and start again.    

Published by Daniel WATSON