Fridays are my favorite day of the week. I go to the same brunch place to simply sit and chat with my friend Gracie. It's great.  We chat and chat and chat about life, recovery, the universe, connection.  We chat all the way until the cafe closes at 3pm and we are forced to call the conversation quits. If you are a fan of Harry Potter then you would remember the hourglass that Professor Slughorn had in his classroom where the sand would spin slow or fast depending on the intensity of the conversation at hand. Well, Gracie and I’s conversations leave the hourglass spinning slow and steadily as deep, meaningful topics naturally roll off our tongues.

A couple of weeks ago, Gracie brought up something she had seen in a documentary called “What the Bleep” where Buddhist monks prayed certain words over water and then photographed the molecular makeup of the water. She said that when they prayed love over the water, the molecules became beautiful snowflake structures, but when hate was prayed over them the molecules appears jagged and unpleasant. I was fascinated. The body is 60% water. What would occur if we meditated on kind words instead of hatful? How would our bodies begin to shift on a molecular level? So, I dove deeper into the subject.

With further reading, I came across the work of Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto and his work with water crystals. Masaru Emoto first became known for taking samples of water from generally clean and beautiful sources around the world and photographing the molecular makeup. France, New Zealand, Japan. All the photos appeared uniquely different. Okay, so water is different all over, that’s cool, but not exactly conducive with my search for how to better my well being.

Water crystals from the Fountain in Lourdes, FranceWater crystals from the Yusui Moutain Spring, JapanWater crystals from the Mt Cook Glacier, New Zealand

  1. Fountain in Lourdes, France
  2. 2. Yusui Moutain Spring, Japan
  3. 3. Mt Cook Glacier, New Zealand

So I read some more and found pictures showing the formation of water in response to different types of music. Music for healing producing a soft and pleasant molecule, heavy metal music producing a sharp, strange spider web type formation.  Cool, so the music I listen to throughout the day can either relax or constrain the molecular structure of the water inside my body.

Water crystals exposed to music for healingWater crystals exposed to heavy metal music

1. Music for healing                                  2. Heavy Metal Music 

Some more reading. And here is the most interesting part. Masaru Emoto lined up bottles of water with the words “thank you”, “love and appreciation”, and “you make me sick, I want to kill you” attached to the outside. He left them overnight and photographed them in the morning. This is what he found.

Water crystals exposed to the words 'Thank you'Water crystals exposed to the words 'Love and appreciation'Water crystals exposed to the words 'You make me sick, I will kill you'

1. Thank you              2. Love and Appreciation      3. You make me sick, I will kill you.

How amazing is it that something as simple as water responds so viscerally to words.

Our bodies are about 60% water.  Imagine what would become of us, on a molecular level, if those messages of body dissatisfaction, self-hatred or any other self-deprecating thoughts were transformed into words of acceptance, peace, love, and appreciation.  Instead of playing on your internal monologue “I hate myself, I hate myself. Why did I just eat that? Why do I look so fat? Why did I say that? Why am I such a screw up?”, you repeated “Be patient you are relearning your relationship with food. I appreciate what my body can do. I am satisfied with who I am right now. I am at peace within myself”. Could you foresee the transformation of how you would feel?  That 60% of your body that is water would evolve into formations similar to those beautiful crystal snowflakes I shared above.  On a molecular level, your body would transform.  How then could you not experience a difference in your overall energy?
I used to think it was simply a change in my thoughts that were reaping more positive days than not, but now I have come to the realization that thoughts are just the beginning of a total body transformation leaving you feeling and, quite frankly, looking more alive and more at peace than ever before.

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