Romantic Caribbean Island Vacations 

Whether you're setting off on a honeymoon with your new spouse or embarking on an island getaway with your partner, the Caribbean offers incredible options, both reasonably priced and full of amenities. 

Best Caribbean Islands for Couples

Ambergris Caye

One can visit Ambergris Caye for the ultimate fun in Belize. If you are looking for your personal and intimate space to enjoy and make your wedding a memorable one, you can explore Ambergris Caye and put your stop at one of the best resorts:

●"Island Costa Blu Adults Only Beach Resort,"
●"Belizean Cove Estates"
●"X'tan Ha "The Waterfront" Resort"
 these are family resorts of Sandy Point.

St. Lucia 

This Caribbean Island remains more undeveloped than others in the region. St. Lucia boasts dramatic landscapes and exquisite resorts. Indulge in a sleekly designed white-washed suite, with a private pool and intimate outdoor showers. Couples seeking a laid back vibe will want to set their sites on St.Lucia. Unforgettable views and expansive beaches await at one of the Island's exotic resorts. 


Come to Grenada if you and your partner love action-packed adventures and go tubing and visit the world's first underwater sea sculpture. Popular for snorkeling and observing marine life. While the coastline of Grenada offers stunning landscapes and beaches, you can go for a swim inland as well. Couples won't want to miss one of the many waterfalls, to add a romantic touch to your trip, such as the Concord or the Annandale Waterfalls.


This tropical locale is perfect for honeymooners who prefer luxury and culture over a wild party scene. Enjoy a Caribbean vacation with British traditions like afternoon tea and cricket games. Barbados has long been one of the Best Caribbean Islands for couples. Rum is the Caribbean drink of choice, and Mount Gay, the world's oldest rum distillery, has been making the smooth libation in Barbados since 1703. 

British Virgin Islands

40 miles east of Puerto Rico, the region includes three beautiful main islands -St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix, in addition to its surrounding islands. Couples can enjoy local arts and crafts, fresh produce, and shopping for fine clothing. Visit Trunk Bay in St.John, a spot with an incredible underwater snorkeling trail. Sail off into the sunset during your romantic getaway to enjoy the smaller, more secluded islands. 


Known as the nature lover's paradise, Dominica is sure to please romantic travelers. The Island's rainforests and rivers are magnificent for guided hikes and kayaking trips. Whale-watching is a favorite amongst island visitors. The falls are a spectacular sight to behold, as is the Emerald Pool waterfall, a natural pool surrounded by tropical rainforest. Visit the beach clubs and bars in Dominica for a tropical treat. 

Cayman Islands

These three islands are known for luxury and high-end resorts. Most resorts offer all-inclusive tour itineraries that include diving, fishing, hiking, and more. Enjoy Seven Mile Beach for seven miles of expansive sands. Stingray City play, swim and interact with hundreds of stingrays. Take a guided tour through crystal caves with stunning stalagmite and stalactite formations. 


Newlywed and adult couples can enjoy One-bedroom oceanfront suites at Sandy Point Resorts. Amenity-rich, the Belizean property is newly appointed, each suite with its private balcony where guests can take in the Belizean aquamarine waters.


This beautiful island is relatively small (15 miles long and three miles wide), yet has 33 mind-blowing beaches. For high-end luxury resorts and upscale restaurants, Meads Bay is your top destination in Anguilla. Enjoy live music and dancing. Water sports during the day. Rendezvous Bay is dotted with colorful beach shacks for souvenirs and cocktails. Sunbathe, collect shells, and swim to your heart's delight. Anguilla is great for couples who want more of an intimate experience, a genuine Caribbean experience instead of just a tourist-trip. Instead of towering hotel chains, couples will find low-key beach villas authentic markets and restaurants. The array of options mixed with genuinely island charm makes this one of the Best Caribbean Islands for couples.

St. Kitts and Nevis

These southern Caribbean islands are known for picture-perfect landscapes. Many places to stay offer unlimited cocktails and drinks. Because of the Island's rich history in a sugar refinery, the rum distillery business became very lucrative as early as the 1700s. While enjoying the Island, be sure to sample tasty sugar cakes. Visiting the Island's black sand beaches at Dieppe Bay, for an exotic sun lover's treat. The shiny black volcanic sand is mineral-rich and pleasing to the eye.

Turks and Caicos

Known for its silky sand beaches and aquamarine waters, Turks and Caicos serves as a perfect romantic getaway. Rent a kayak or a private yacht to take in the splendor and beauty of the islands known for its silky sand beaches with whales abound in Salt Cay. The northern area of Grace Bay is home to numerous mega-resorts. Consistently heralded as having the Caribbean's most spectacular-looking beaches. For tasty cuisine, try the local fish barbeques with freshly caught grouper from Grace Bay- lionfish, snapper, Conch Ceviche, or a mouth-watering lobster tail.

Undoubtedly, the Caribbean Islands have limitless appeal for romantic getaways. From newlywed honeymoons and island weddings to vacations with the one you love, set the scene with a trip to the islands. Contact Sandy Point Resorts Now to book the trip a lifetime.

Published by Ruby Daub