You are probably reading this because you don’t know how to choose the best CBD oil for sale here for those people like you can get the complete idea for that. I have given top 10 checklists by using that easily you can buy your favorite CBD oil online.

From the products available by numerous vendors, frankly it can be quite confusing, I get you that too with the rise of CBD oil’s popularity there are so many new CBD brands available in the market. CBD has become a hot topic with so many new discoveries of CBD being a cure for many more diseases has heightened its glory.

Basically, CBD oil is an extract from the infamous Cannabis plant, CBD being the chemical component present in the plant, but this component is not the only when there is also the THC component which has created a sense of negativity, this negative attitude towards THC sometimes is passes on to CBD due to people associating them together as being the same compound. If you have those kinds of misconception please try to come out of it, THC is the component which heated and ingested can cause a high and that too only at a larger quantity which is only there in Marijuana species of the Cannabis, many aren’t aware that there is another type of Cannabis plant called the hemp.

This CBD oil has been transformed so many different types of products by its vendors so that they are able to satisfy the different needs of their consumers like you, which is a good thing because we all may have the same body type or needs. So, if you are the first type you might be facing a huge dilemma in choosing the right CBD product from the right vendor.

Choosing the right type of CBD oil is the second level , choosing the right seller to buy from might be more critical, you might ask why, even though many are selling CBD oil, from an outside perspective they may all seem the way, but the way it is made and type of components and the level of components present will surely differ from brand to brand, and all brands have their own mark on their product such as some sell only pure CBD oil and there are others who have products mixed with other terpenes or essential oil which might not be what you need.

The biggest problem with CBD’s popularity is that there are so many sellers who have set up business just to partake in the glory, they don’t give much thought to the consumers, that too with the increase in the awareness of  the risk of synthetic drugs, people are desperately looking for much more natural herbal cure, this people prey on those needs to make themselves a fortune, identifying them might be difficult for you, only way to identify trustworthy vendors from fake ones are getting answers, you might not know what exactly to ask if you are quite new to CBD so let me make it simple for you, I have listed down some questions which are believed to make you distinct the best vendors who sell online from the many out there. This will help you to find the right brand of CBD for you. Let me kickstart your CBD journey.

How is the hemp grown and where was it cultivated?

You might not care where the pulse you consume comes from but when it comes to CBD oil, you should care where is it coming and what goes in it. Even though growing pulse is also complicated but the cultivation of hemp is more complicated due to it being a bioaccumulates, it easily absorbs all the components it either be good or bad in the soil, water and air. So, while observing it may even absorb the toxins such as pesticides and other chemicals which doesn’t fit well if it is going to be consumed in the end.

That is the reason why there has been an increase in organic farming, in organic methods of farming pesticides and chemicals are avoided that is why it important to ask how the hemp is grown and the geographic location also plays an important because in certain location like Kentucky and Colorado the soil is much more suitable for hemp cultivation so that is why hemp grown there has greater value and always prefer organically grown hemp to others. You might ask “Why will using non-organic hemp be bad?” I won't necessarily say it as bad, but the side effects shouldn’t be taken lightly such as nausea, vomiting, weakness and the worst-case scenario you might even contradict severe diseases such as cancer and another respiratory disease. So organic is the safest bet you can take.

What is the level of CBD is present in the product?

You might wonder “why should I ask that isn’t the oil called CBD, so isn’t everything CBD?” No, that’s not the case even when buying CBD, there are not only CBD components present in oil there are also terpenes such as THC and other Cannabinoids, but the exact level of CBD will be mentioned such as CBD 500mg which means there is 500 mg of CBD in that one product. So, if you need 500 mg to go for a product which offers 500 mg other components shouldn’t be considered.

What is the level of THC present in the CBD oil?

If you know the stigma’s around Cannabinoid, then you must surely know what is THC-Tetrahydrocannabinol, they are not exactly bad components in fact studies have proven they enhance the effect of CBD oil and provide better results, but consuming them more than the set limitation might have an impact on a person’s mind, that’s when people get high. So, it is better to go for a CBD oil with a minimum level of THC, according to legal laws only 0.03% THC can be in CBD hemp products. 

What are the benefits from consuming less or zero THC CBD oil?

  • A guilt-free experience.
  • Lack of fear of failing a drug test if the THC in your product is zero
  • Satisfaction of complying with the law.
  • No ill effects on mind that THC may cause.

What is the exact level of CBD concentration?

This might look like I am repeating the second question but let me assure you I am not, this question you should ask to make sure that you are getting the exact level you where promised, because sometimes CBD is mixed with other essential oil, some trustworthy vendors label the exact level of each component but there are scammers who fool people by labeling, not the exact concentration which means you will be getting CBD of less than what is in the label.

A good quality product will have up to 250 mg to 1000 mg per ounce. It always better to go with pure CBD products to avoid situations like this.

How do we make sure the CBD is pure and has good potency?

We shouldn’t just go with it because they claimed it to be pure and potent, you don’t know them so how do you make sure that they are not fooling you, don’t worry there is a way always go for a company which uses a third party tester, because getting the exact data without internal interference from the company shines a trustworthy light on what they are claiming.

The FDA or the third-party lab tester should make sure that:

  • No pesticides.
  • No harmful chemical compounds.
  • No foreign substance which is not legally allowed to be there.
  • 0.03% or less THC level.
  • No inedible components.

How is the CBD oil extracted?

As I told you before you might not care much about how the pulse you eat is grown and processed before packaging, but hemp is not just a place, the process is much trickier. Especially the way its extracted plays an important role when it comes to final outputs quality. The most reliable and best extraction method uses the Co2-Carbon dioxide method even though this method is very expensive, where under extremely low pressure when the temperature is very low the extraction happens, there are other methods but none of them are effective as this. 

Why is going a Co2 extracted CBD oil is the best?

  • High-quality product.
  • Removes all toxins efficiently.
  • Zero interference of other chemical compounds.
  • Can be consumed without because Co2 leaves no trace in the oil.

Are they reliable and accessible?

The way a company portrays themselves and them way they can be accessibility gives them their accountability. With online sellers, the biggest issue, the only mode of knowing them is through the internet which is not much. Some vendors may have a digital space, but they wouldn’t have many details amount their company and zero contact information where they can be accessed through a call if you find a vendor like that, stay away from them. Sellers who are not confident about their product won’t jeopardize themselves by sharing contact information. Signs of the reliable company are:

  • Different contact details are provided, such as mail, phone number, and address.
  • They answer quickly and efficiently when contacted or get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Good customer services.

Is the company following proper ethics?

For any business, organization ethics is the crux of the business. I don’t think you will want to be associated with a company or a product that follows the ethical code of conduct. With CBD oil it matters more with the number of controversies surrounding them. It is important that the company follows proper legal and environmental law and to make sure that they are hiding something from the government and the consumer's eye.

Are they claiming too much?

According to FDA rules no CBD company can make exaggerated medical claims or cures, which does not portray them in a good light, people aren’t fools to believe whatever they say, their main aim is to make money out of people’s blind faith and belief and cause damage both for mind and body, they might not consider that.

A company making those kinds of claims are breaking the law, they won’t hesitate to break people. Exaggerated marketing is a clear sign to stay clear of them.

Can they be trusted if their pricing is low?

CBD oil cannot be cheap, maybe fair priced but never cheap. You may ask why, because manufacturing CBD oil is very expensive so why will they be selling it for a cheap price, it is a clear sign that they are doing something otherwise what will they be getting out of it by selling you a product lesser than its actual value. 

What contributes the expensive nature of good quality CBD oil?

  • The Co2 extraction method is a high-quality expensive method.
  • Organic cultivation is always cost consuming.
  • Pure hemp CBD oil may cost more than diluted ones.
  • Third party lab testing doesn’t come cheap.
  • Hemp cultivation in the United States can be expensive.
  • Following the government guidelines can be expensive.
  • Full extract full spectrum CBD oil is expensive due to high potency level.

These are the factors that contribute to its cost, if they are selling it for a cheaper price it’s a clear sign that their product is inferior.

Will you buy a brand iPhone which is sold for $40 online?

I don’t think you will take the chance then why take it with your health?

Quality always comes with a price!

Published by Zoe Sewell