A doctor’s examination bed is a necessary tool for every medical unit and you can find these beds in health care institutes such as hospitals, nursing homes, blood collection center and pathology labs. These beds can also be personalized according to one’s needs. Caregivers or the healthcare providers must choose some adjustable and comfortable beds for their patients where the patient can sit or lie down according the treatment.  

Three types of basic doctor’s examination beds and their features

  • Standard examination beds: This is the most popular and cost-effective option which can be found in the doctor’s chamber and in small clinics. These beds are designed with comfortable foam mattresses, and they can provide complete support to the patients. These beds can also provide good baseline.
  • Hi-low examination beds: you can move the patients vertically with these beds as they come with multi-springs system. You can adjust their height and transfer the patients from one bed to another without any stress. These beds are suitable for elderly and specially-challenged people.
  • Combination examination beds: you can customize these doctor’s examination beds. Also, you can add or remove the footrests and headrests of these beds as per your needs. Due to their heavy-duty capability, high extent mobility and durability, most of the people use these combination treatment beds in their emergency rooms.

There are different types of designs available for designer doctor’s examination beds in the market and all of them are categorized into these above three categories. Only their brand names are different, and they have some additional benefits and comfort level in their products. So, you can choose them according to their features and customer reviews. To find out the best doctor’s examination beds, you can search them online and you can also find them in retail shops.

Most popular doctor’s examinations beds available in the market

  1. Gas spring examination beds: you can find some doctor’s examinations beds designed with gas powered spring backrest, which you can easily elevate from 0 to 75 degree. During treatment and body examination, patients need to recline on the bed and the gas spring examination beds can offer 20-inch pull-out leg rest. Apart from that, these beds can also bear heavy loads up to 450 pounds and provide utmost comfort to the patients. Most of these beds are designed with several drawers and cabinets. So, they can be used to store patient’s essential. These beds are also available in various colors and textures.
  2. Pillow top adjustable beds: these beds are designed with stainless steel frames, and you can find a comfortable pillow for comfort on the topmost part of these beds. The backrest portion of these beds is adjustable, and people can easily transfer their patients from one bed to another without any difficulty. These beds cannot offer multiple drawers and cabinets, but they have two large drawers to store the medical equipment and records. These beds can bear up to 500 pounds weight and these beds are perfect for bariatric patients. 
  3. Space saver examination beds: if you look for some cost effective and space-saving doctor’s examination beds, then you can choose these folding beds. They are ideal for small clinics and doctor’s chambers, but they are not suitable for emergency medical units and hospitals. Most of them are designed with 72 inch length and 24 inch width, and they can bear up to 300 pounds weight. They can be installed in a small room and can be folded from head and footrests as and when required.

So now you can search these beds online and find the most useful one for your medical treatment.

Published by Justin Jersey