Import simply means shifting of goods from an external source into a national border, whereas the export term is related to a deal of sending the good outside the border. Import and export tasks are not everyone’s cup of tea. A lot of care is taken in this area of work. Commonly, all people try to avoid this complex toil and hire some professional services to do it for them. While undertaking an import export business, there can be no room for error. Mistakes could lead to huge losses for all parties involved.

Import Export Services
Import Export Services

Import and export service providers must know all the formalities and clear the necessary paper works within the scheduled time, meanwhile arrange for the consignments to be inspected, packed, and loaded to the predetermined transport system, etc. Nowadays, many companies providing these services have emerged in the market. But not all of them have the experience and knowledge of all the formalities. Though many companies will present impressive marketing techniques, you stand to lose if they do not have the required credentials to run an import export services agency.

Tips to Select the Right Import Export Services Provider
Forget the worries and go through some of the tips given below. This will not only help you to decide the best company but also give you brief information of import export task.
  • Name and fame of the company
    No one decides to start exporting or importing just one fine day. You may be in touch with someone or the other who has been dabbling in this field for some years.  You can get appropriate referrals from them so that the history of the company we choose can be investigated. A good relationship is built when appropriate service is provided knowing the criteria of the customer and giving satisfactory results. A list of these companies must be jotted down. Moreover, there are consultants in this field who can offer you expert opinion.
  • Experience
    Every now and then a transport company comes into existence out of nowhere. Fly-by-night operators will not have a long history of being in the business. We must know that with experience comes expertise. So, it is always wiser to check if the company has enough experience in handling this business and if the people involved in running this business are experienced hands. This is because sometimes the company maybe new, but the persons at the helm may have years of experience in this field.
  • Duration
    There is always a deadline for receiving and delivery of the goods. If not done in a specific period of time, you firm’s reputation will be at stake. Customers must get their goods on time because they will have their plans to implement based on the consignment being shipped at the right time. Mismanagement by import export services company is the last thing a customer would want.
Import Export Services
Import Export Services
  • Transport type
    Majority of import and export is done by air or by ship. The volume of import and export by rail and road is comparatively very less. One can ship larger volumes in a shorter period by air and by ship.
  • Packaging
    Packing is based on the mode of transport and the type of material. Perishable items like food may have to be fumigated to meet certain international norms to prevent transfer of disease, while some materials are radiated to sterilize.  Huge machines will have to be sent by ship, packed in sturdy wooden packing where the machine is tethered to the packing to prevent slipping in rough seas. Consignment may have to be inspected by customs officials before packing, depending on the type of consignment.
  • Paperwork
    The paperwork is a messy part which requires a lot of verification and patience.  A few of the documents that are mandatory to complete export or import formalities are:
    • Terms of payment (Advance payment, Document against Acceptance, Document against Payment, Letter of Credit)
    • Proforma invoice
    • Export order
    • Purchase order
    • Credit risk insurance
    • Export packing list
    • Certificate of Origin
    • Export customs clearance
    • Phyto sanitary fumigation
    • Bill of Lading
If an Import and Export service company mismanages its business, the aggrieved customer can register complaint with authorities which could lead to the company being blacklisted from conducting any further Import and Export services.

Published by Amelie Lawrence