Are you one of those people who suffer from muscle cramps every morning and from restless nights of discomfort and stress? If you are, for sure your days are hellish. Sleepless nights and muscle pain around your neck, spreading through your shoulders and back will surely spoil your mood for work and even recreational activities. Waking up tired and groggy each day affects your health, productivity and relationships. There's only one thing to do, replace your pillows ASAP!

There are all sorts of pillows in the market that you would likely get confused as to which really fits your body, your preferences and your sleeping habit. You might be lured to purchase attractively packaged or uniquely shaped pillows so before going out to shop determine what you need and what kind of sleeper you are.

Many health and physical injuries have been shown to be in part related to the way we sleep. For those who sleep on their side, they will find it common to suffer from neck and shoulder pain due to the way they sleep. Problems such as arthritis, swollen joints and arthritis are highly probable for those who do not combat this problem early on. With a side sleeper pillow not only will you get that comfortable sleep but you are also taking steps to insure your health and physical condition is kept in good shape.

The proven benefits of these pillows are in large, enormous. As these types of pillows have been specifically designed for side sleepers, you are gaining the best benefits exclusively. As well as eliminating the common problems associated with side sleeping, these pillows allow for a comfortable night sleep.

First you have to determine which fill of pillow type you need, whether soft, medium or firm. The materials stuffed in pillows vary in degree. Pillows stuffed full are referred to as firm and soft to be of lightest filled. Next, determine your personal preference. Would you like your pillow to be soft, fluffy or sturdy? Do you want them to be of standard size, king or body long? When you've done determining your preferences, find out which type of sleeper you are.

Basically there are three types of sleepers (in reference to sleeping habits).

Back Sleeper - who prefers to sleep on his back

Side Sleeper - who prefers to sleep on his sides

Tummy Sleeper - who prefers to sleep on his stomach

Know that manufacturers made different types of pillows to match each kind of sleeper's preferences and needs. Here are facts you would like to consider before shopping for pillows.

Soft pillows are for tummy sleepers. They are flat and comfortable. These pillows provide the optimum support to keep the head and spinal cord in alignment despite the position. It also prevents the spinal cord from arching unnaturally.

Medium pillows are for back sleepers. These pillows support the head, neck, shoulder and spine. Good quality medium pillows provide optimal support and comfort as they are perfectly able to conform to the cervical spine curve.

Firm pillows are denser pillows that are perfect for side sleepers. They cradle the head comfortable and keeps it aligned with the spine. These pillows conform to the shape of your neck for proper alignment.

Aside from these details, you also have to consider which materials you'd like your pillows to be made of. If you have allergies, you would want to steer clear of pillows that will provoke them. There are many materials used as fillers for pillows.

Latest technology has provided therapeutic options that are recommended by Chiropractors and other medical professionals for individuals suffering from serious conditions. There are natural, organic and eco-friendly filling materials available in the market as well. If you have a leaner budget, there are synthetic filled materials that are hypoallergenic and resilient.

Remember to select pillows that fit your sleeping habit and your head, neck and back contour for optimum support and comfort. Alignment is the key to a good night sleep.

Published by Kaushal Shah