If you are creating a new bathroom, or if you are renovating the existing one, selecting the right shower will certainly add to your comfort and pleasure of taking shower. Choosing the best shower for your bathroom can be bit confusing, but if you know what exactly you need it can be an easy task. This article will help you know about the common shower types available and you can decide which one is ideal for your requirements and your water system at home.


Mixer showers basically provide heavy flow rates and they draw from cold and hot water supplies. The shower operates by mixing cold and hot water with the equipment itself and then supplies it through your showerhead, which is available in different types that includes the ones that are adjustable, fixed or simply like a handset placed on a riser rail. They are suitable for homes where the hot water is readily available like high capacity cylinder for hot water or combination boiler. A pump can be incorporated if required to increase the water pressure.


Electric showers come with an easy and quick installation and they draw only cold water which gets heated when required so you can use it any time throughout the day. They are cost effective and energy efficient. This is because the cold water gets heated with the help of an element delivery hot water quickly without any wastage. To get the better flow you can go for a rating with higher kilowatt.


Once you set the required temperature, electric, mixer and thermostatic showers automatically set these temperatures as default setting and even if a different person turns the tap ON anywhere in the house. Although the electric showers have stabilised temperatures and offer accurate temperature control for residential use, the thermostatic showers are still in demand looking at the peace of mind one gets especially if you have children or elderly people at home.


The digital showers are available in electric or mixer variations. They are gaining popularity among the crowed and are also known as remote controls showers. All modern bathrooms have digital showers as they offer elegant and stylish designs, modern technology and the installation is quite easy too. A panel controls the shower which is ideally located at a radius of 10 metre offering more freedom in the bathroom structure. The panel is linked to the power unit which is installed in airing cupboard or loft to set the temperature and flow of the water. You get the water at a chosen temperature through the wall or ceiling of the showerhead. The installation is so clean that you will not see any kind of plumbing done.


Eco showers actually restrict the flow of water to a usable and efficient level irrespective of the pressure system of your house and also maintain the chosen temperature. These showers are available in both mixer and electric forms and they enable almost 50 % less water consumption as compared to traditional mixer showers.

Before you pick any of the above showers for your bathroom it is essential to find out the water system in your house. Let us learn how to figure out the water system

In case there is a hot water tank installed within airing cupboard but there is no cold water tank installed in your loft then your house has high pressure water system. This also is quite similar to low pressure water system to make sure you check properly to eliminate the confusion.

If your house has combination boiler that heats the water when required this means the cold water tank or hot water storage cylinder aren’t doesn’t exist and it directly means your water system is high pressure system.

Low pressure- water systems

If there is cold water tanked installed in the loft plus a hot water tank present on airing cupboard then the water system in your house is gravity fed. It is found in most houses and directly means you have a low pressure water system in your house.

If you have low pressure water system in your house the best thing is that you do not need to restrict your choice of shower type. You can go for power showers which are especially designed to deliver maximum performance for houses with lower pressure water system.

In case your hot water cylinder is quite huge in size, you can enhance the system pressure with the help of a pump which directly allows you to use a mixer shower if you wish to.

Cold mains

If your house gets cold water supply via rising main then your water system is cold mains. Many electric showers are easily connected to the water supply with cold mains. You just need to select the style that suits your bathroom infrastructure. In case the cold mains doesn’t offer the minimum pressure required for electric showers then you can use a tank-fed and pumped electric shower.

If you are still confused you can also check with your electrician to check your water system and suggest the best suitable shower for your bathroom. This will help you buy and install the right shower. You can also consult your friends or neighbours staying in the same area to know which shower they are using and their experience with the shower. As they will be having the same water system it becomes easy for you to decide and also check before you decide to install one. Nowadays the technicians and electricians too suggest the shower type looking at the water system in your house. As they are experienced in their field they are the right people to guide you.

Do not rush to buy a fancy or stylish shower just because you liked its design. It should also solve the purpose it is made for and suit the water system you have in your house else. So, make sure you do a little bit of research before you decide to install a new shower in your bathroom.

Published by Emily Rose