Choosing the right type of roller blind fabric for an office space is a more important decision that some people may believe. The amount of sunlight that is available or unavailable to workers can have a noticeable effect on productivity.

There are a number of different solutions for office shade to meet several different needs. The following details some of the best window shade materials for an office space.

Reducing Glare

An office may require a diffusing material that prevents light getting through when the blinds are pulled down. This is useful in reducing glare especially in offices where people are working with computer screens.

It is also useful in creating privacy for workers as it stops others from seeing through windows. A downside is that this material will reduce visibility to the outside world and can affect morale in the office.

A compromise is to use solar screen or sunscreen material that works to cut down glare but also does not reduce visibility.

Reducing Heat

The heat of the sun, when focused into an office building already full of heat generating appliances can begin to cook workers throughout the day. This can lead to a loss of productivity and some health risks. Combating the problem with air conditioning leads to an increased power cost and emissions footprint.

To reduce heat in a cost effective way, a window shade material that reflects light needs to be used. A darker coloured material that is used to reduce glare will not be useful here at it will actually absorb more heat.

A lighter coloured roller blind fabric is necessary if the goal is to reflect light and reduce the heat coming through the windows.

Maximising Mood

Company culture and morale should be taken into consideration when planning window shade solutions. Studies show that people are happier and more productive when they have an increased connection to the world outside the office.

According to Best in Au this is partly accomplished by providing adequate views of the building’s exterior. Even if the view is not superb, seeing open spaces and a blue sky has a profound effect on employee comfort.

Choosing an open screen material will allow the best possible views for employees. This material will however not be able to counter the problems of glare and heat from the sun.

Compromising Between Choices

Each of the conventional solutions to these 3 problems of glare, heat and visibility all defeat each other. The materials that filter and reduce the heat of the sun’s rays compromise visibility and vice versa.

Luckily there are now window shade materials that can solve all of these problems in one. Sheer material shades diffuse light while still allowing a view of the outside.

While there is still sometimes a need for complete a complete darkening or translucent effect, it’s good to have a more options.

Other Considerations

If a room is already quite bright, then a material shade that diffuses at least half of the light is a good choice to provide lighting without overdoing it. If the room is incredibly dark without lighting then a material that provides a high amount of natural light is recommended.


Choosing the best kind of roller blind fabric is a choice that depends on a number of factors. The amount of natural light entering the building as well as the amount of electrical lighting and heat mitigation all need to be considered in order to make the right decision.

Ultimately the comfortableness of employees in the office should be the primary element in choosing a window shade solution.


Published by alex hales