There’s more to getting married than just saying ‘I do.’ Getting geared up for your big day is a huge task, and it will stress any happy person. However, more important than just the wedding day is choosing the right wedding ring. Your wedding band is not made up only of love and dreams, but also stones, cut and size of gems, and metal. This ring is more important than planning the wedding since you will be wearing it for the rest of your life. Just like marriage is a commitment, so is choosing the right band.

Selecting the right metal for your wedding ring can make the difference in loving or hating your look agreed Style preferences, jewelry wear, and tear, aftercare, and daily work will have to be considered while you’re making your choice. Metals help make the ring look classier, or more lived in. Metal can change the way people perceive your wedding, or even alter your daily style quotient. Choosing the metal for your wedding ring is (sometimes) even more important than the wedding itself!

In a world where confusion reigns, are choices are endless, we’re here to guide you through some basic (yet beautiful) selections for the metal. You can take your pick and expedite your purchase process.

Yellow gold wedding ring:

Yellow gold is a timeless, classic option for wedding rings and bands. Gold jewelry has a measured mix of pure gold, copper, and silver. It is this mix of metals that bring out the warm yellow tinge in all gold rings. Karats help determine how much gold is used in the making of the ring, and the price for each ring varies according to how many karats of gold are used.

Rings made of high karats of gold will be soft and might get damaged or pinched too easily. Wedding rings of 24ct gold cannot be worn as daily rings since they will break, get bent, or get pressed, and damaged very quickly. Wedding rings in yellow gold should be 9ct (extremely durable), 14ct (also very hard), 18ct (wedding jewelry), or 22ct (used for traditional ornaments).

Platinum wedding ring:

Platinum has always been a popular choice for wedding bands and engagement rings since it is an extremely durable and timeless metal. Platinum wedding rings are beautiful to look at, with a natural shine and a white-silver appearance. The color can also be compared to a soft white dewy hue. Platinum is almost 28 to 30 times rarer than gold, and due to this, it is also priced more expensively. It is heavier than regular gold and does not get scratched or tarnished very quickly. It also does not oxidize.

Platinum wedding rings are the popular choice for brides and grooms who prefer a subtle white appearance to metals. Brides wishing to add diamonds or other gemstones also prefer selecting platinum since white metals bring out the natural beauty in stones. Easy to polish and maintain, platinum is an ideal metal to illustrate your lifelong commitment to each other.

White gold wedding ring:

White gold is similar looking but less durable and cheaper in comparison to platinum. White gold gets its silvery look through a combination of zinc, palladium (or nickel), and copper, with yellow gold. Most white gold rings are further plated with rhodium to give them a must-have shine. However, rhodium wears off in time and must be re-plated to maintain the superior luster of white gold.

Rhodium plating also helps make the white gold wedding ring hypoallergenic and helps keep the ring safe from daily wear and tear. Rhodium plating also reduces the chances of your wedding ring getting tarnished or scratched.


Rose gold wedding ring:

Rose gold is the new yellow. It is considered a romantic metal due to its pink hue. It gets this color since it is an alloy of copper and yellow gold. The pinkness of the metal depends wholly on the amount of copper used in the wedding ring. Rose gold wedding rings do not need rhodium plating. However, rose gold is not a hypoallergenic metal. People with extra sensitive skin should take care to select lighter pink tones of rose gold.

Rose gold metal is more durable than white or yellow gold, making it a fantastic selection for trendy brides. It is also more affordable than yellow or white gold. Since it is known as a symbol of love, rose gold rings have become a popular choice for fashion-forward brides.

Published by Mohsin Ahsan