When starting your own small business, there’s just so many things to have to do. Among everything else, you’ll also have to choose the right location for your business. This isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially if you take into consideration that this is one of those things that can make it or break it for your business. So, how do you know if a location is perfect for your business? Here are 5 tips that are guaranteed to help.

Consider foot traffic

Depending on what kind of business you’re starting, foot traffic is going to a different impact on it. So, if you’re starting a retails business, you’re going to find foot traffic extremely important and you’ll want to make sure enough people passes by your place every day. And probably the last thing you’ll want to do is choose a location that’ll leave you stuck where no one can take a look at your window display. However, if you’re work requires confidentiality, going for a location that doesn’t receive a lot of foot traffic might be a good idea. When running a business that requires no confidentiality nor a lot of foot traffic, going for a better location is still highly recommended.

Make sure you can afford it

Making a formal bid before you do your homework is never a good idea. What this means is that you have to check if you can really afford a place before you buy it. And we’re not only talking about the price the selling side wants you to meet as you also have to be able to pay for all the utility bills. So, before you make any final bids, you’ll want to turn to the utility company and get a report on the usage for the previous year. This is something you’ll also want to do even if you’re thinking about the idea of renting a place for your business.

Perform a background check

Another thing you’ll want to do before you choose the location for your business is perform a little background check. This means you should take a closer look at companies that used that location before and the reasons who they’ve moved or closed down. If all the businesses that have used the same location have failed, chances are there’s something wrong with it, so make sure you think twice before you buy. However, almost any location with a convenient parking space is considered to have at least some business potential. For example, in Minneapolis, USA, a second Mt. Fuji restaurant was opened in a location other business owners skipped on and the company has been doing well for over 8 years now.

Think about the size

Of course, the size of the place you’re interested in plays a huge role in whether you’re actually going to opt for it or not. This is where you have to consider all the equipment you use and how much space it can take up. You also need to take into consideration that you might want to buy some new equipment in the future and having some extra space can come in handy. A lot of Australia-based companies choose to rent storage space where they keep the documents and equipment they rarely use. If you decide to do the same, going for mobile storage in Sydney is always a good idea.

Take a look at stores in the vicinity

When choosing a location for your company, it’s also very important to know what kind of businesses you’ll be surrounded by. Therefore, make sure you don’t only check the place you’re interested in but at the stores around it as well. Of course, being surrounded by more than a few businesses that do the same work you do isn’t something you should aim at. On the other hand, having a company that does something similar (but not the same) to what you do can be a huge plus, since they’ll generate customer traffic and help you draw more people to your business.

Follow these 5 tips and you should be able to choose just the perfect location for your business. Just make sure you think your each move through since a poor choice of location is something that’s guaranteed to eventually come back and haunt your business.


Published by Emma Lawson