When creating a brand, the brand name is the most important thing to tackle. It is important to create a name that is unique and resonates with your audience. Although brand naming may seem like an easy task, it is in fact the polar opposite. There are multiple steps you should take to create the best possible name. Here is some advice to help you create a great brand name that resonates with your audience.

What Makes A Top Brand Name?

● Meaningful - A great brand name never fails to communicate brand essence and conjures an image in the audience’s mind. If a positive emotional connection is cultivated, then your brand is cemented in the viewer’s memory.

● Distinctive - If your brand name is unique and stands out from competitors then it will become more memorable and generate more conversation around your brand.

● Accessible - If your brand name isn’t easily interpretable then you will struggle. Ensure the name is easy to say, spell and search online.

● Protectable - It is vital that you can obtain full ownership of your brand, (both in general consciousness and legally) so make sure you can trademark your brand and get the domain.

● Future Proof - Think of a name that is timeless. Anything that won’t stay relevant and can’t be adapted for brand extensions will cause long term problems.

● Visual - If your brand name can communicate your ideology via design, logos and colours then you’re off to a winner.

Discuss Your “Core Identity”

Hold a group meeting and discuss what you think your brand should stand for. What is your company and what are your goals? There is a multitude of factors that can come into consideration when evaluating your purpose:

● Vision - Why your company exists.

● Mission - What your company does.

● Values - How you do what you do.

These three elements should completely dictate what your brand does. Consider undertaking a competitor analysis in order to understand and identify your differentiators. If you understand what makes your brand unique then it will put you in good stead for brainstorming a plethora of names in relation to what makes you different. A brand name that conveys your unique qualities will give audiences an immediate, clear indication as to what you do.


Gather your team and have guided discussions with them over a range of brand names. Be imaginative but also don’t go wild. It is too easy to get carried away with these things. Here are a few tips for when you are brainstorming ideas:

● Note down all the adjectives that best describe your product or service.

● Consider what you want your customers to feel when using your product.

● Do a free association of words around your brand.

Another good thing you can do when brainstorming is to consider all the different categories of brand names there are currently out there. For example, there are these certain types:

● Founder - When the name of the brand is based on a fictional, or even real, person.

● Descriptive - When your brand name describes what you make or do.

● Fabricated - A 100% original, made-up name.

● Metaphor - A foreign or image-heavy concept, such as Nike.

● Acronym - An abbreviation of the full name or the name’s initials.

● Magic Spell - A use of a portmanteau, (a combination of two words) or an already existing word with an alternative spelling.


There is no point in testing names that are already taken, so vet your frontrunning names, (as a result of the brainstorm) thoroughly. If you can narrow your list of names down to around 15, it will become easy to search these names for registered trademarks. If all of the names are taken, then it is back to square one. However, if some of your names are available then narrow down your list your best 3. Make sure you get a legal team to vet any available names that you like. Once you have your names, create a homepage, including a logo, and test the site with your names. If you use an identical page with merely the name being different, you will attain proof of which name provides the most conversions.

As you can see, it can be very difficult to create the perfect brand name. However, if you take the above advice on board and communicate within your group, a great brand name will no doubt surface. Remember, a name that resonates with your audience will allow your brand to prosper.

Published by Ruby Daub