Locks secure your home, business, car, and an assortment of other items. But sometimes lock problems occur that prevent them from working correctly. Call John Smith & Son Locksmith Baltimore, MD to handle any and all lock issues that may arise in your life, whether you need new patio door locks or an emergency locksmith who is around 24/7.

When to Rekey a Lock

Lock rekeying is a popular service provided by John Smith & Son Locksmith Baltimore, MD. When a lock is rekeyed, the cylinders inside are configured so keys that are currently in use will no longer open the lock.  It is the best way to stay protected when other people have access to a door lock key. You should rekey a lock when moving into a new home, after a roommate leaves the property or if you’re a landlord renting a home to new tenants. No matter what type of door, lock rekeying is a service that saves time as well as money. Call John Smith & Son Locksmith.

Ignition Key & Other Automotive Lock Problems Solved

An auto locksmith is often an emergency locksmith since their services are frequently available for 24/7 service - especially lockouts. Many drivers experience problems with their ignition. Sometimes the key will not fit into the cylinder any more. Oftentimes this is due to a key that’s been jammed or misconfigured if you've successfully used it before. Or, an improperly made key could be the culprit. John Smith & Son Locksmith Baltimore, MD will evaluate the ignition and provide services once the problem is determined.

John Smith & Son Locksmith Secure Your Home with Window Locks

It’s important that your home has the best residential door locks available, but do not stop there when it’s time to protect the people that you love. Call a professional to inspect and install new window locks. A residential locksmith pro has access to the latest in window security and a consultation is almost always worth it. John Smith & Son Locksmith can also come out to the home to install one of the great new electronic security systems available.

Choose the Best Locks from a Locksmith Baltimore, MD

All door locks are not created equally. Some people are happy when a locksmith comes in to rekey a lock and change the inside cylinders of the current lock on the door. But for many people, high security locks are all that will suffice their needs. These locks are designed for all types of doors at a home or a business and add a barrier of protection no ordinary lock could think of providing.  The locks feature key bows and warding patterns designed in a manner to prevent unauthorized access. Thus, using this type of lock adds protection and security. John Smith & Son Locksmith is ready to install these quality locks.

John Smith & Son Locksmith 24/7 Emergency Service at Your Fingertips

Lock issues happen and it’s oftentimes at the worst of times when they occur.  When lock issues threaten the day, make a call to a John Smith & Son Locksmith Baltimore, MD to resolve the woes fast and easily. Home, car, and business lock issues don’t stand a chance against a well-trained, radio-dispatched locksmith who works day and night!

Published by Mohsin Ahsan