Promotion and marketing of a business has seen various changes ever since social media has come into play. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and other various social media portals have changed the way you look at a business personality and have much to do with the image creation of that firm. Companies are now more focused on ‘selling’ their people online as a prospective business partner would not just analyse the image of the company but also of the person with whom they will be in touch for exploring future business expeditions.

This is where the importance of a professional headshot comes up. You will be using this professional picture on all the social media handles and on your website. This is where the first impression about you and your company is derived from. It is needless to say that you would want a solid one! And for that, you need a professional photographer like the ones from Faure Valletta Photography to get the best results from you.

Let us tell you how to find the best person for you to do this job!

Always hire a professional

Remember, you are looking out for a perfect headshot that will be the face of your company and your own professional stature on all social media platforms and wherever else applicable. This is serious business, so you cannot ask your aspiring photographer friend to get this picture. Always look out for a professional, who has experience in clicking amazing corporate portraits and headshots to give you the perfect picture. But yes, if you find a budding photographer who is a natural talent, which you can see in his previous clicked images, do not hesitate for that as well!

Another reason why you should hire a professional is that the right photographer will know about the basic details of how to get the job done perfectly. The photographer will know exactly what kind of lighting, background and settings will suit your skin tone and eye colouring. These details do matter a lot in getting a picture that brings the best out of you.

Talk to those who have got a headshot done

Before you decide upon the photographer yourself, have a word with your friends and colleagues who already possess a headshot for themselves. You will get to know a great deal from their own experience and may also suggest a good professional photographer for you. Your friends and colleagues who already have their professional headshot in Sydney will be able to tell you what exactly to consider while choosing the right photographer.

Hire someone with whom you are comfortable with

No matter how amazing someone is at his work, if you do not feel comfortable around the photographer or you are not able to clearly communicate with him or her about what exactly you want, then you will never get the best shot you are looking for. It is a no brainer that if you are uncomfortable with the photographer, you will not be able to look your best during the photoshoot. Getting a picture clicked can be an intimate affair for some people and if you are comfortable with you photographer, he or she will help you get rid of any anxiety.

Talk pricing

Before agreeing to the photographer, you need to discuss pricing. Some professionals have a set fee for the session, some charge by the hour. There may also be additional charges included for any retouching or any other services. It is very important that you sort all this out before and if possible, get it in writing. Once you think everything is good to go, the charges are well in your budget along with the desired services, you can go ahead with the shoot to get your perfect shot!

Published by Sarah Williams