If you always dreamed of a marriage on the beach, but the season could play a trick on you, or just want to give a different touch to the most important day of their lives, marquee tents for a backyard wedding will become an excellent alternative both for the marriage ceremony and for the reception. Your guests will appreciate the decoration for marriage placed to beautify the space, the lighting to highlight the wedding cake and the elegant chandeliers hung strategically on the roof of the metal structure.

However, if your idea is to surprise your guests with an outdoor event, you will surely be looking for a tent to complement the environment and offer a different space. Today we give you some tips to help you choose it.

Organizing an event with the option of being outdoors is very favourable, not only allows you to enjoy the most beautiful scenery, nature, and good weather but also offers different spaces for fun and relaxation. But for this to be possible, it is necessary to have a support tent. How to choose it? Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

The first step is to know the size of the tent we need; this will depend on the number of guests, the space available at the venue and the utility of the tent (a tent for dancing alone is not the same as for dinner show).

While white is the star colour for wedding marquees, you should know that some providers offer colour options. Perhaps for a thematic marriage can be a great alternative.

The tents come in many designs: open or closed, with windows, with straight ceilings, round or asymmetrical, removable, transparent, square, rectangular, L-shaped, circular, etc. The options are endless.

It is significant to know if you are going to need more than one tent; the choice can vary greatly if you need the same or different models. Some couples choose two tents, one to eat and the other to dance; others prefer to divide the dance floor with different musical styles.

If the wedding is in summer, you should not choose the tents with transparent roofs because it can reach very high temperatures. Better to opt for a white tent with a very open and spacious design.

A closed tent is ideal for winter or wind seasons. For them, special attention must be paid to the air conditioning, whether for heaters in winter or fans in summer. It also has the option of transparent windows; they are necessary to let natural light through.

The floor of the tent is also a detail that you must decide; some prefer to leave the grass of the garden, others place a wooden floor or deck, put carpets or cover it with fabrics ... this depends on the tastes and the state of the land.

If you have a musical show, it will be important to consult with the managers to know what will be the best to have good acoustics.

And finally, it will be necessary to think about the decorative elements: fabrics to cover the structure, chandeliers, screen projections, flowers, lighting, etc. Of course, do not forget to talk with your tent provider; these decorations can be applied according to the weight that supports the tent.

Published by Mudassar Ali