At first glance, the idea behind vinyl windows is very simple - they consist of a glass unit, a frame, and a handle so that you can open them easily. However, windows from different manufacturers differ from each other both in quality and in price. When choosing windows from a well-known brand, you pay money for reliability and durability.

Let us take a closer look at all the elements that make up vinyl windows, and find out which vinyl windows are better.

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Good vinyl windows do not just close the window opening - they perform many functions.

The main one is heat savings. Owners of low-quality windows know well what a pain their inexpensive windows are in the winter. Cold and drafts are the inevitable companions for those who decided to economize and get some cheap window model. Alternatively, some good vinyl windows provide an ideal thermal insulation. For example, when the temperature is -5C, the temperature near the inner glass will never fall below +20C. In summer, good vinyl windows can protect the apartment from heat and overly bright sunlight. If you apartment faces the south, you can choose windows with a tinted glass unit and thus get protection from infrared radiation.

An important function of vinyl windows is soundproofing, which is particularly useful for those who live near a busy street. Noise insulation depends on the thickness of the glass units and the distance between them.

High-quality vinyl windows can also protect your apartment from thieves. Famous manufacturers are constantly improving the crack resistance of windows, and many models are not easy to open from the outside.

And, of course, do not forget about such trifles as mosquito nets.

There are about 10-15 large vinyl window manufacturers and a few dozen smaller ones. Every company offers some great assortment of products ranging from some budget options to luxury ones. However, when choosing vinyl windows, one should not rely on the brand or, even, the price, but on their own needs. In this context, you may want to turn to some reputable replacement windows contractor.

Here is what to look for when choosing vinyl windows:

Window Profile Thickness

The profile represents a structure with internal segregators. The thickness of the outer and inner walls of the profile is standardized. Based on that, the profile is attributed to one of the three classes - A, B or C.

Seal Quality

Seals are needed in order to close the window tightly, as well as to ensure the integrity of the insulating glass. Seals are usually made of rubber, silicone or natural caoutchouc. The cheapest (and short-lived) option is rubber, whereas more quality windows have seals made of silicone or caoutchouc. The latter do not deform even after long use and temperature differences do not affect their quality either.

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Published by Elina Sivak