A crucial part of maintaining your vacuum cleaner is the thorough and regular cleaning of the vacuum filter. This is especially true if you have a heavy duty vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum filter is not clean, you may have a hard time absorbing and eliminating dirt as well as allergens. 

If the filter is not cleaned thoroughly, the vacuum cleaner’s suctioning capacity will be reduced over time. The dirt that gets accumulated may also result in clogging or even malfunctioning of the vacuum’s motor as well as other parts, forcing you to replace the parts or even worse, buy a new vacuum.

Here are some steps on how you can properly clean your vacuum cleaner filter.

Check what is in the manual of your vacuum cleaner

What does the manual say about cleaning your vacuum cleaner? If the manual says you must clean the filter on a regular basis, then do it. If it says you have to clean it after just three or four times you used it, do it. 

Check the device manual for instructions how to clean the filter. Do not wash the filter the filter if the instructions specially mention the filter should not be washed. In truth, vacuum cleaners out there have various filter types that need to be cleaned and detached in different ways. 

If there is loss in suction, then it is a good indicator you may need to clean your filter. Once your filter becomes too dirty, the dust particles may seep in on the interior machinery. After some time, the motor of your vacuum may die because of it. It is a scenario you do not want to happen since motor replacement can be very costly.  This is why you would want to avoid such a situation by regular cleaning.

Remove excessive dust

When you start removing the dust accumulated in your vacuum filter, there is a very likely possibility that it will spread immediately and settle on surfaces that are nearby. That is why it is recommended you clean your filter outside, such as a dumpster or the garage. In that way, you would not spread the dust inside your home. 

You may want to the gently tap the filter, preferably on the side of the garbage, making sure most of the dust lands on it. 

You can use a soft brush or an old toothbrush to clean both sides of the filter. A brush can help you remove most of the dust that get stuck onto the filter. 

Can you rinse the filter?

If the vacuum filter that you have is made of foam or plastic, it is more likely you can wash it. Of course, it is always recommended to check the manual of the vacuum. If the filter that you have is made of paper, then there is a good chance it may be affected if you plan to wash it.

If the manual instructs you to wash the filter and you did, it is better to thoroughly air-dry it before putting it back it. Once your vacuum filter is really clean, it is then a good time to dry your vacuum cleaner.

Replacing the filter

Even when you regularly clean your filter, many vacuum filters do have a limited lifespan. In fact, many manufacturer recommendations tell you that filters must be regularly replaced. 

Cleaning the dust cup

It is important to empty the dirt collection cup regularly. If you use the vacuum even though the dust cup is full, chances are, you are simply forcing the appliance to operate harder than it should. This may result in the damage of your vacuum. Cleaning the dust cup will only take a few seconds to empty. This is why it is best to have a practice emptying the cup after each use.

With good maintenance and regular checkup, the vacuum filter will help aid in making sure the home is clean from various dust and allergens. You do not have to be an appliance repair professional to make sure the vacuum you have in your house is working well. 

With just a few basic cleaning and maintenance steps, the vacuum cleaner you bought should serve you very well for many years to come.

Published by Eric Foley