DYSON V6 has an impressive outlook on its first sight. It comes with plenty of accessories that requires cleaning and maintenance for it to work well. It has a motorized cleaning head used for cleaning carpets in addition to bristled extensions and crevice tool. Well, we will focus on how you can maintain your Dyson v6 cordless vacuum cleaner, and I have provided cleaning guide on some of its major components. Read here and learn more.

Cleaning the filters

            The following is a step by step guide on how you can effectively clean the filters of Dyson v6 cordless.

•  Remove the filter

            Before removing the filter, you should ensure you have turned off the vacuum cleaner.this is a safety measure that is fundamental in any repairs or cleaning to be undertaken. After ensuring you have it off, you can now remove the filter by lifting it from the top part of the machine.

•  Wash the filter

            Once you have successfully removed the filters, the next step is to start washing the filters. It is important to note that, washing can only be done using cold water. Once you are set, start running the water over the outside of the filter, you will notice dirty water coming out. Thus, you should continually do this until you see the water is becoming clear.

            This indicates there are no dust and debris trapped in the filter. After that, twist and squeeze the filter using both hands to ensure the excess water is comp[lately removed. It is vital to understand that the filter may require frequent washing, especially if used on powerful suction mode or if it is used in vacuuming fine dust.

•  Filter drying
            The third step is to dry the filter after washing. Lay the filter out in the sun for a minimum of 24 hours so that it can completely dry. However, don't wipe the filter over a naked flame, microwave, oven, tumble dryer, washing machine or even dishwater.

•  Replace the filter
          This is the final step which you are required to refit the filter back to the machine after it has completely dried out. Ensure it is seated properly in the device.

Washing the soft roller floor tool brush

           When washing the Dyson v6 cordless floor tool brush follow the following steps:

•  Remove the motorized tool from the wand
          Press the release button to disconnect the motorized floor tool from the wand.

•  Unlock the brush bar end cap
        When unlocking the brush bar end cap, you should be aware of a sharp object. Well, you need to turn the floor tool upside down in such a way that the floor tool is facing directly towards you. Once you are done, you need to unlock the fastener marked with a padlock sign using a coin.

•  Remove the brush bar.

            Rotate the end cap then gently slide the brush bar away from the cleaner head. After that, remove the cap, but you should take care because of carbon fiber brushes which might cause skin irritation. Therefore, after handling the brushes, you should thoroughly wash your hands.

•  Remove the end cap.

            Remove the end cap from the brush bar but don’t wash it.

•  Remove the smaller brushbar

            On the octagonal end, lift the small brush bar by pulling it away from the floor tool.

•  Wash the brush bars

            Expose the brush bar to running water as you gently remove any stubborn dirt and debris.

•  Dry the brush bars

            Place both brush bars in an upright position and leave it to dry out in the sun for a minimum of 24 hours.

•  Refit the small brush bar

            Before you refit, you should ensure that it is scorched. After that, insert the round end by pushing down the octagonal end until it perfectly fits its place.

•  Refit the end cap

            Once the small brush bar has been fitted well, you need to attach its end cap to make it complete.

•  Refit the large brushbar

            Slide it gently onto the floor tool and ensure the end cap should be in the open position then you rotate it back to a closed position.

•  Lock the end cap of the brushbar

            Turn the fastener clockwise until you are sure that it has closed but ensure that the brushbar and the base plate are secure. Afterward, refit the floor tool and test it to check if it is correctly fitted.

            By doing this, you will have successfully cleaned the soft roller floor tool brush. However its also advisable to check the motorized floor tool. It is simple, all you need to do is to follow the following steps:

            -remove it from the wand
            -unlock the brush bar end cap
            -remove the brush bar
            -Remove the base plate and check for the blockages. Once you have done this, you can know refit the brushbar.

            Lastly, to complete our cleaning guide, we will have to check for the blockages by following the following steps.

•  Remove the wand and the cleaner head.

            Once you have removed the cleaner head and the wand you can inspect the inlet but be aware of the sharp objects. Check for any obstruction in the bin inlet and remove the debris. After that, check the wand by looking through it so that you can determine if there are any blockages. If there are any, clear it until you are sure there are no obstructions in the wand.

            Having done that, you can now check the cleaner head by correcting the base and the neck. Remove any noticeable debris. Once you are done with the checks, reassemble the machine and subject it to test to ensure every component is functioning optimally.


            The guide I have provided exclusively covers all the essential components that are directly involved in the cleaning of your house. You need to do this within a specified period for maintaining your vacuum cleaner in good condition and for it to last longer. Follow the steps I have provided very well to achieve the desired purpose. Don't let dirt and debris pin your machine down. Following this guide and make the best out of it.

Published by Marko Clark