As you have been pretty good with all your cooking stuff, you would surely have been getting tons of praises from you friends and family specifically. Now it’s time for you to say thanks to your chopping board and give it a nice hand on wash. But that’s really difficult as the stain and marks on it are so stubborn. So if you are wondering how to clean your chopping boards, you’ve got the natural way here.

First, let's start off with the general rule of thumb. If you are going to cut things like parsley or any herbs or if you plan to cut onions or garlic and of course meat. Always try to use a plastic cutting board because you can really use soap on this can also be put into the dishwasher. Ironically, it doesn't stain as much as a wooden cutting board but if this does happen to you and show you the easiest way to clean it and that is with a lemon and some salt so what you want to do is;

·       Cut a nice juicy lemon in half

·       Sprinkle the affected area with a little bit of salts

·       In case you want to go for something other than salt, make sure it’s an effective abrasive that helps to get out any stains that are on your chopping board.

·       Now just squeeze lemon juice over the top.

·       Rub the wooden board working with salt into the wood and you might have to repeat this process a few times having a little bit more salt.

·       Time for some elbow grease here.

·       But after a while, the stain and the odor will come out of your board. Whether it’s green from the herbs or read from the meat, it’ll all be picked up by the lemon in the salt.

·       In the next step, you will have to give it a gentle wash. So now into sink, hot water and a soft sponge.

·       It’s time to give a good drive with a clean towel cloth. Once done with this, you will have to leave it completely dry upright so that air circulation can get around the entire board.

·       It actually prevents any molds from developing on the underside of the board. Sometimes your board will start to bow that's because it hasn't been dried properly.  

·       Just dry it completely and then we’ll simply oil the board.

How to Oil the Chopping Board?

Just take a little bit of mineral oil and drizzle it all over the surface of the board. Just do it, one side at a time. Every two weeks, oil one side of the board and the next two weeks oil the other side. For that, you should use a paper towel and don't use a cloth her. Gently work the oil into the board and it will create a barrier and allow bacteria to seep into your board.

So just keep these important things in mind while cleaning the chopping board and you’ll have it shining for sure.


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