There is nothing better than having a  clean car by your side. Men are always fond of having the best-looking things, women on the other hand only care for their looks, men are known for their love for the best looking objects.

In this article I have tried to explain ways through which you can easily clean your car, there are a lot of things which your dad will tell you about cleaning your car and you might think that how did he know? Every car old or new requires the same maintenance, except for the new electric cars.

The very important aspect of your car is its tire and no one can take that for granted, I mean what would you do if your car’s tire would go flat? Buying the best tiers available near you such as odyssey tires with the best coverage is the only option for a safe ride and people ought to know that before getting into any sort of serious trouble while driving amidst heavy traffic.   

Just as you need to clean your body and house regularly, your vehicle also requires proper polishing and upgrading, it has to suffer more than you. People sometimes do not understand that a vehicle is just like any ordinary object at their house, mud, smoke, and rain can also affect the performance of your vehicle thus, we are required to take safety measures for its protection.

1. Get the right tools

You must not wait to buy the right tools for cleaning your car, when you buy your dream car make sure that you have also bought the best tools for cleaning the car.

Here I am mentioning some tools which will be required. You ought to buy brushes of various sizes, there are a lot of tools available in the market. Buy two buckets as well, you can go for more than two if you want to, this will help you in maintaining a balance while cleaning with soapy water and clean water.  2.  Cleaning the wheel

Cleaning your car’s tires is the most important part of cleaning your car. You must try to buy the best tire washing cleanser. Gets some brushes which are available for cleaning your tires. The most important part is the type of detergent you are using.

Cleaning tires can be difficult and bruises can be an inevitable side of cleaning, thus you must make sure that you are wearing gloves, rubber gloves are the best options.

3.  Cleaning the body

Now, it is time to clean your car’s body. You are required to use a high-pressure water pipe. Before you scrub your car make sure that you have cleaned it water, so that the sticky mud and dirt may get off from the car.

Make sections of your car and clean it one by one. First you are supposed to wash the back section, we all know that our car’s design is like a humped back turtle, thus when you will clean the back portion after cleaning the front part, then the whole dirty water would come on to the front part, this will be a total wastage of time.

4. Cleaning the windows

Now, you have to be a bit technical here, get some vinegar and the newspaper while you are going to clean the interior part fo your car.

Now, sprinkle some vinegar on that newspaper and clean the windows by rubbing the paper on to the glass. Do not scratch too much, instead of newspaper you can also use a soft cloth but newspapers can scrub off the dirt and stains more uniformly.

5.     Clean the interior

You can use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning the interior of your car. You ought not to let the mats stay at their place, for your convenience you can take them out and give them a  good wash. This is what I do, I ave seen many lazy people cleaning them with vacuum cleaners while the dirty mat rests inside the car.

You will need some electrostatic clothes for cleaning the dashboards and steering- wheel. Make sure that the detergent or cleaning spray you are using is exclusively for the car. For drying he interior you can use a blow-drier.  


Published by Shahbaz Ahmed