Repair in the bathroom is not done every day, so we do not always dare to bring color into its design for fear that it will quickly bother us, or the colors will not blend. Still, a pleasant color scheme in many ways contributes to the creation of coziness in the bathroom.

Fashion trends, tricks decorators allow you to make the right choice and correctly combine colors. Experts will reveal all their secrets, thanks to which color harmony is created in the bathroom.


The designers remain adamant: the primary rule for creating a harmonious bathroom is to choose the right accent and choose the other elements for it.

Bathroom with blue accent and interspersed orange: Elite bathtub, Composed faucet

The critical element dictates the choice of design and style for the entire bathroom. What can become an accent? What immediately attracts the eye. It can be:

  • Finishing material: wood, glass, ceramics, wallpaper or fabric, for example
  • Color: Carmine, mint, anthracite ...
  • Subject: bath on legs, locker, Italian shower ... 

The bathroom is like a picture. You need to select the accent and create a composition around it. An advice of professionals: choosing an accent element, organize according to it the space of the bathroom.

Choose a soft pink color? Then think about the locker with pink handles, or about a completely pink cabinet or tile with a pink skirting board. Did they stop on the walls in the style of a mountain chalet? Select for individual parts of the bathroom wood finish: wooden furniture, a wooden holder for towels or a wooden frame for the mirror. Selection of elements from one material allows you to create a harmonious room.

Of course, it is not necessary to give preference to monochrome solutions or one single material. You decide what additional details to bring to your bathroom. But if there are doubts, be guided by the general chosen trend!


What is the color? Let's open professional secrets of designers: on the basis of three primary colors: yellow, magenta (pinkish-red) and turquoise (blue). Mixing them in different proportions, you can get any colors.

If you add more white, the shade will be muted; more black - get a shaded tone. The same paint in different combinations and shades creates transitional shadows.

On a round palette, the colors located opposite each other or located in a triangle are called complementary. These colors are perfectly combined with each other because they advantageously emphasize each other; for example, purple and yellow. Perhaps you've already experimented with them in makeup: nothing so highlights blue eyes as golden shadows, and a plum blossom fits well to green.

What color is better to choose this year? Some designers follow the modern trends, including the shades of the Pantone collection, and prefer the color of the Canadian pine or the gasoline blue, close to the color of the drake, which was popular in the nineties, but is now returning and occupying strong positions. The lighter color of the forest bell or classic natural gray in 2018 will also be very relevant. In combination with bright shades of sanitary ware, they will create a fresh atmosphere in the spirit of the times.


In the collections of Odéon Up, Terrace and Vox, Jacob Delafon designers offer a multicolored range of furniture for the bathroom. Only 28 different shades and three types of finishes: matte, shiny, "satin." Only 84 combinations and the same number of colors to choose from, which perfectly fit into the atmosphere of your bathroom and, of course, in modern trends.

Individually selected colors are combined with other details of the bathroom. Try, for example, furniture with leather trim, wall coverings from a series of Panolux decorative panels for light cement, white sinks, and incandescent lamps, for a warm atmosphere. Perfect, is not it?

Combination of finish under the skin and light-cement color: Furniture and bedside table under the shell Odéon UP, wall panels Panolux


When creating an image, accessories are essential. So it is in the design. To achieve harmony in the bathroom, choose the right finish. Professionals pay particular attention to such stylistic solutions that perfectly complete the atmosphere of the bathroom:

The combination of accessories: color and style of accessories should be combined with the design of your bathroom. For example, you should change the towels and pick them up in a tone or buy a set of soap dishes and a toothbrush cup, combined with the interior. Do not forget about the bath rug.

Just add colors without changing anything: To save space and restrained bathroom design, but create a graphic style, you can experiment with the wallpaper. Prints or optical effects enliven the bathroom without overloading it, especially if, for example, only one wall is wallpapered with wallpaper; that with pleasure and do designers in the last few years.

Published by Lucy Jones