One of the first and most fun things I did when we moved in to our new house is organizing my home library. Something I’ve always wanted–a one stop shop for all my reading material. Here’s how I did it. 



First, you obviously need a space that is dedicated to your collection. Before moving I had three book shelves and stacks in various parts of the house which made it seem like I was more of a book hoarder than a studious reader. The first order of business was deciding on a place they all would fit. Our new house has a dining room, but we don’t have any formal dining furniture–perfect! If you don’t have a room to dedicate to a library, other options you could explore would be creating a corner or wall that could house your books. You could convert a closet into a stow away library. Whatever it is, make sure your collection will fit the designated area and that it is a place you will enjoy spending time.


If you are able to dedicate an entire room, your essential pieces include a bookshelf big enough to house your collection or multiple bookshelves, a comfortable reading chair, and a desk for study sessions or at-home work. If you are limited to a nook, you can get by with just a bookshelf and a comfy chair.

We have an old desk that is serving us well for now with a teal dining chair I bought a couple years ago at the Goodwill of all places! Thrift stores and estate sales are your go to hunting grounds for your library furniture. You may be able to find everything you need without having to splurge, however, when it came to achieving my library dreams, I went straight to the utopia or storage units and bought my bookshelf–Ikea! Check out my Liatorp Bookshelf Combo. It is my absolute favorite piece now and I’m thrilled to see it every morning when I come downstairs.

Other little flairs you can add to your library: a warm rug, artistic pieces (I used a globe and a giant vase), a side table and lamp for your coffee and current reading material, and a caddy for your office supplies.


One mistake a lot of people make when organizing books is organizing by title or topic. If you like to keep your book jackets on like I do this can leave you with a visually cluttered bookshelf–not appealing! Instead, try organizing by color for a more zen approach. I have my books separated into fiction on the top half of the shelves and non-fiction on the bottom half. Typically, I am able to remember the general color of a book, so finding what I want takes no time.


A rule I’ve had to set for myself is to get rid of old books as I bring new ones in. Otherwise, books begin to outgrow the space I’ve allotted them. I love my reference material, so it’s very rare that I get rid of it, but as I read fiction I’ve acquired (usually from thrift shops) I pass it on or donate it unless it is either something I’m sure I’ll read again or classic literature I’m saving for homeschooling purposes. If you are able to keep your collection properly culled, you shouldn’t have a problem with space.


That’s all there is to it! Creating a home library doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming or complicated. It can be as simple as gathering all your books into one place and pulling up a comfortable chair. If you are an avid reader and student like myself, creating this dedicated space will be well worth the effort.

Most days, once Jonas has gone down for his morning nap, I pour my second cup of coffee and sit back in my library arm chair to do my quiet time. If all my pressing chores are done, I then move to the desk to work on other things until he wakes up. For some reason, a wall of books can be the most motivating visual.😉

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