Credibility is an all-important factor in the success of your ecommerce store. Without it, new customers won’t feel confident in buying from your website, and may just disengage from the site altogether. Credibility can be built in a number of ways, from online reviews directly on your website to an active social media presence and good security measures on the site itself. Here’s how to create brand credibility for your ecommerce store quickly and easily. 

Site Reviews 

Most shoppers will look at a site’s reviews either just before making a purchase or as soon as they navigate to the website for the first time. Customer reviews on your site are absolutely vital; as they’re a third-party, non-biased source of information on your site and the products you have to offer. No one on the review list was paid, and customers will know that previous customers are leaving genuine feedback based on their experiences with your site and brand. 

Good site reviews can grant a major boost to your online credibility, and provide potential buyers with all of the information they need in order to make a decision. Even if you have negative reviews, if you’re addressing those reviews and the problems therein quickly and effectively, you’re still showing the customers that you care about not only your reputation as a business, but also about their experience as a customer; and that speaks volumes. 

You can ask customers to leave reviews once they’ve made a purchase. A good rule of thumb is to have an automated thank you or confirmation email sent to customers when they make a purchase on their site. Provide a “please leave your feedback” button or link in the email to encourage customers to leave you a good review. 

Influencer Reviews 

Social media influencers are one of the best ways to not only boost your brand’s credibility, but also its reach. YouTubers, Instagram models, and more have fan bases that sometimes span in the millions. A review of your website or products from one of these top influencers can skyrocket your credibility and drive thousands of new customers to your site. 

If you want to reach a lot of people very quickly and boost your credibility, using a social media influencer is the way to go. Influencers will require payment to review products or brands, but it’s well worth the cost if you can drive a few thousand extra customers to your site this month! Imagine all you could do with a few thousand more sales.

A Good Website 

Nothing limits the credibility of an ecommerce store more than a poorly-designed website. Whether your site looks amateur (which, in the mind of the customer, can seem unsafe), doesn’t navigate well, or crashes all of the time, customers will tend to disengage due to these issues. If you used a DIY site builder instead of a developer, you’re going to run into issues at some point. DIY builders are great for personal websites and blogs, but when it comes to ecommerce, you’ll want to hire a professional. Use POS software to create a secure payment platform that customers can trust for every transaction. 

Since your ecommerce store is where all of your sales transactions will take place, the quality of your website is non-negotiable. You must have a quality website that is secure, aesthetically pleasing, and functions well.  Don’t take the cheaper route when it comes to designing your site; spend some money on a professional designer/developer for the best possible outcome. Plus, a good developer will be able to make changes or edits as you need them! 

Active Social Media Presence

Billions of people login to sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube every month. Without a presence on these sites, you’re potentially setting yourself up for failure. You need to cement yourself as a credible brand on social media sites, so when customers visit your website, they already know that you’re a credible brand and not a fraudulent or otherwise malicious business. 

Social media helps spread awareness about your brand and what it has to offer, while providing an easy platform for potential customers to research your reputation. Your Facebook page, for instance, will have a review section where potential customers can see what previous customers said about your site and products. 


With cybercrimes on the rise, having a secure website can mean the difference between success and failure as an ecommerce brand. You’ll want to use the latest security tools with your website to ensure your customers feel safe about giving away their personal information like credit card numbers and addresses. Having the trusted security seal(s) on your website can put customers at ease and let them know that you mean business when it comes to their security. 


Building your credibility is simple with these easy tips. Keep your social media presence updated, use the right security tools, and most of all, don’t cheap out on your website design and development! 


Published by Mohaned Gadnne