On the contrary, have you ever wondered if the people you deal with think they have improved their lives?

If so, it means that you have created or added value for them. This will automatically add value for yourself too.

The more your contribution in what you do offers a high value, the faster you grow and the more likely you are to get what you want for OKRs.

You can get what you want in life in the amount you help others increase their value.

Value is what you contribute to what you do or create, compared to what you get.

When you create value for others, you become more valuable to them.

Adding value is one of the successful strategies in life and work

Every day you should ask yourself: "How can I create value for others today and engage as much as I can?"

We deepen better, to understand how to create value for ourselves and for others.

The importance of creating value for others

For those involved in finance or minimally informed by the media, he is probably very familiar with the name of Warren Buffet.

He is the most successful investor in the world. His investment strategies are legendary and many people have tried to learn from him.

Increasingly respectable, he pledged to give away 99% of his assets (more than thirty billion dollars at the time of his commitment, taken in 2006) to non-profit humanitarian foundations, especially to the Bill Gates Foundation.

Buffet often goes to universities to give speeches to educate and motivate students. Here is one of his speeches to teach the value of the body, to invest in ourselves and in our education for a great future.

Imagine that a genius offers you any car in the world. The only condition is that it will be the only car that can be owned for life. What would you do? You could read the car manual ten times, change the oil twice as often as required and have meticulous care so that that car remains the car of your dreams forever.

You think this really happens for yourself. Let's talk about your body and your mind. It is possible to have only one mind and one body from creation, the same ones you have at twenty, forty, sixty and so on. Take care of them and maximize their potential. It will be too late to take care of yourself, your body and mind later. It is possible to keep them, but it is difficult or impossible to undo large mistakes or negligence later. You are the main resource in life. Treat yourself as a precious commodity. If you appreciate yourself and invest in yourself, it will be a great deal for your life, for yourself and for others.

Warren Buffet's speech teaches us that we must invest in ourselves and in others, that is, create value for ourselves and for others. It is not talking about economic value, how we could be led to think, but of value in everything we do: economic value could come as a result.

When you look at people who are at the top of their field, no matter what, it turns out that everyone has one thing in common. They create value for themselves and others, and by doing so, they also create success for themselves. This does not happen by chance, but is 100% intentional.

No matter what your age, your title, your role, your business, or what you do. What matters, and very much, is that you should take a step back from your activities and ask yourself, "What can I do more or what would be of more value to other people?"

Regardless of where you live, you are always in competition with other talented people. The OKR is to create and deliver as much value as possible every day. Ultimately, it's about taking enormous care of what you do. It doesn't matter what you do, but it's the value you give to what you do that makes the difference!

If you have to choose between two or more career paths or anything else, always choose the path that allows you to add maximum value to you, but above all to others. This will keep you in line with your true purpose in life and will ultimately bring you great satisfaction and reward.

Nine tips to add value

Here we have nine tips that will ensure, as far as possible, that you add value in every situation and besides that planning with OKR Software help you to reach your goal …

  1. Do what you like, because when you do the things you love, it is natural for you to add value, perhaps increasing everything with new ideas and thoughts.
  2. Don't be afraid to fail and overcome any mistakes, restarting, moving forward and improving yourself in what you are doing.
  3. Continue to learn new things, so expand your comfort zone, learning other skills that will allow you to add even more value.
  4. Share your new knowledge, so that other people can understand that you not only want to value yourself but also yourself.
  5. Encourage other people, trying to get the best out of them and encouraging them to be the best they can, as this will inspire them to take their risks and add more value to the world, through their contribution.
  6. Help others exploit their strengths and delegate weaknesses, as most people wrongly believe that they need to work only to improve their weaknesses.
  7. Always give a little more than what is required, because people feel valued and appreciated just when you make an extra effort for them.
  8. Thank people who add value to you, as showing gratitude to those who give you something, provide proof of their value to you.
  9. If you don't add value let it go, because if you do something, where you don't feel you're systematically adding value, or change the way you're doing things, or it's time to stop and do something else.

When you add value to someone's life, you are contributing to that person in an important way.

This is important in all facets of life, in the family, in work, in friendships and in all relationships with other people.

If you learn to add value to your life and the lives of others, you will attract success as a magnet.

Identify the problems faced in your social or work community (friends, relatives, neighbors, colleagues) and find ways you can give them a solution to their problems, serving and encouraging them.

If you want people to respect you, then you need to add value to their lives.

Published by Chowdhury Shahid-uz-zaman