Now we've all like to party and we all like a good alcoholic beverage. Putting these things together can make for a wonderful time or either spell out for one insane hangover.

For those who don't know what a hangover is it is a physical result of excessive drinking. The symptoms of a hangover typically are headaches, dizzinessfeels sick, sleepy, thirst and confusion

There is a whole host of other symptoms but these are the most common to your average drinker.

These symptoms can usually last all day and if you have to work the next day that can seriously affect your performance and make working an unnecessary hassle. This is why most people prefer the simple method of taking a sick day.

However, there are methods that can be used to prevent and combat a hangover and they are all very simple:

  1. Drink - plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration (leading cause of hangover)
  2. Painkillers - A sure method to help dull the pain of a hangover but is short term treatment 
  3. Rest - you can go wrong with a good old nap to help get rid of the worst of a hangover         And last but not least (And the most important): 
  4. Eating - Food is one of the best cures for a hangover:
  • It restores lost vitamins that are lost while drinking
  • It helps restore blood sugar levels (The reason people tend to feel they have no energy after a night of drinking)
  • Restores the pH acidity level in ones stomach 

Now eating can help cure a hangover but not all foods can help with the recovery process, rich foods  such as chocolate, overly sweet pastries can actually cause one to feel worse and will most likely result in a good old purging of the body aka Vomiting.

But here are some examples of foods that can help with recovery:

  • Bland foods such as toast and biscuits, these can help absorb remaining alcohol within ones stomach
  • Fruit smoothies can help with replenishing lost vitamins and minerals lost during drinking. They also provide an excellent way to re-hydrate as well.
  • But many people (especially in England) can attest that the best food for a hangover is a good old fried breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage, beans and toast. This is true because research has shown that the fat in these items helps absorb alcohol while also balancing blood sugars.


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Published by Jordan Webb