With the summer finally on our doorsteps, everyday activities are slowly being moved from the living room into the backyard. Most people tend to leave their backyards as blank slates with flat lawns and maybe a couple of flowers here and there. But no matter how large or small it is, every backyard has the potential to be transformed into a favorite hangout spot for the entire family without disturbing the flowerbeds or the overall landscape.

Create a soothing lounge     

Having a lounge in your backyard is ideal for entertaining friends, but it can also be a place where the whole family can gather and enjoy the cool summer breeze. A deck with built-in benches or wooden stools guarantees that everyone will have a place to sit and you can add a flat screen TV or a projector for that entertainment factor. Just make sure you have the entire spot under a shade so you don’t have to worry about the sun or rain damaging your furniture.

Install a couple of hammocks     

Hammocks are an inexpensive way of creating a snug little spot for relaxation. You can enjoy your day reading a book, chatting with a friend over a glass of lemonade or have the kids use it as a makeshift little swing. Hammocks come in many shapes and forms, ranging from simple rope ones to large bed-like swings that can easily accommodate three or four people at the same time.    

Add an art-flare to the backyard

One of the simplest and cheapest ways of adding that artsy flair to your backyard is by hanging a blackboard on a wall or fence if it’s strong enough to support it. Add a couple of colored pieces of chalk into the mix and you have an excellent means of unleashing creative energy of both kids and adults. Don’t believe me? Hand your friend a piece of colored chalk and see if they can resist the urge.    


Just like hammocks, trampolines offer entertainment for the entire family. They are a cheap and simple way to keep the kids occupied for hours on end and if they’re large enough, they can even be used by adults to blow off some steam. Add some pads and pillows and it can quickly be transformed into a small, tucked-away lounge for R&R with friends after a long day of work.    

Don’t forget about sports

Sports are an excellent way for kids to get their daily amount of exercise and learn how to play with others. You can add a small basketball hoop or a small goal for kids to play grass hockey and soccer, or if the yard is large enough, make a small basketball court with a full-sized hoop or even add full size football goals to your backyard. When the kids aren’t playing with the goals, you can easily transform them into projector screens and organize a movie night with your friends and neighbors.

As you can see, transforming a backyard into a family-friendly spot is really not that hard. With some careful planning and professional help, you can keep the overall aesthetics while still having a place for your kids to run around during the day and for you to hang out with coworkers and friends during the night. Having a family-friendly backyard doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. That said, have in mind that cheap materials break easily, especially when you have kids running around the place day in and day out.


Published by Emma Lawson