Decorating a room or renovating a part of your home can easily become a pricey project. If you need assistance to design a perfect nursery all while staying within your budget, then you are in the right place. In the following paragraphs we will give you various ideas and tricks to use when trying to create a perfect room for your baby. Meanwhile, these tips are budget proof and will have you come up with money saving tactics. It's a win-win situation, therefore, grab a pen, read on and jot down the most essential tips for designing on a budget. 

Design a Perfect Nursery

Put together a design plan in order to visualize your perfect nursery.

Before you grab any tools and start decorating, our first tip is to put together an organized plan. By creating a design plan prior, you can attempt to visualize how you can design a perfect nursery and save money. Place all your ideas on paper, analyze the cost of it all and based on the results, proceed with appropriate action. For example, the ideas that you know might spill over that budget you previously set up, stop and evaluate those ideas. Perhaps, you can come up with an alternative option that is more affordable. 

In addition, in order to design a perfect nursery, you shouldn't rush this process. Once you know your baby is on the way, start planning! This will give you enough time ahead so that you can gradually but efficiently decorate the baby's new room. With plenty of time, you can come up with a schedule that works for you. It will also allow you to evaluate various options for the designs and decorations, therefore enabling you to stay within your budget. 

Design Tips & Tricks


Create a written plan. It will help you realize your finances as well.

Repurposing or revamping old furniture is probably the best thing you can do in order to save some money while redecorating. With a fresh coat of paint, or a few simple additions, you can turn almost anything into something. If you are lacking space, go ahead and paint the walls in light colors. By adding light to the room, it will make it seem larger and more spacious. In addition, while you are at it, create an accent wall. Instead of buying expensive wallpaper, put your drawing and painting skills to the test, and come up with cool designs that will make the nursery unique. Moreover, if the room lacks natural light, adding lamps around the room will make it cozy. 

Furniture Ideas 

While you are focusing on the lightness of the walls, painting a cupboard or dresser in a darker color will add sophistication to the nursery and make it stand out. As we are on the topic of furniture, another suggestion is to opt for a crib that has the option to be converted into a smaller bed as your child grows. This way, you can save some money for a few years at least and you don't have to worry about buying a bed until the time comes.

If you think that buying a changing table will have your finances go over the budget, there are alternatives. You can go thrift shopping and find a well-conditioned but used changing table. If you found one, you could repaint it and have it look new again. Furthermore, you could also use the dresser as a changing table. Perhaps a transferable matt that you could place on top of it when changing, or simply assembling and securing it to the top can give you a 2 in 1 idea. You will have storage with the dresser and right above you would have your changing station all set up. 

Keep it Simple

Be creative with your ideas. Think of budget-friendly alternatives to save money.

In order to design a perfect nursery on a budget, your focus should be on efficiency and simplicity. Less is more, therefore don't go overboard with extravagant ideas. Whether you are moving into a new house altogether, or simply moving your nursery to the room where you had your office, plan it ahead and execute the plan in a timely manner. Babies can feel your stress during relocation, therefore try to minimize your worries. In order to do so, being prepared ahead of time will help. Covering your bases prior is half the success. You already know the outcome, now it is all about following the steps. 


Let's go over money saving tactics once more:

  • paint the walls in a light color to enlarge the space of the room
  • create an accent wall with a few free-hand designs and drawings
  • repurpose your old furniture and paint it fresh (use a dark color for at least one item to add sophistication)
  • buy a convertible crib 
  • think of alternatives for a changing table (use the dresser or a bed for the changing station)
  • add light to the room with a few lamps

The Perfect Nursery

  Add warm and cute accessories to make the room feel cozy and welcoming.

What is a perfect nursery? There really is no wrong or right answer, as the perfect nursery is something different to all of us. The point to this entire design plan while maintaining a budget is to come up with the best solutions and options which work for you. You are the one who will be spending their time in the nursery with your baby, therefore create a space where you will love spending the time. Also, work the space of the room so that you can have a floor plan efficient to your uses. For example, it would be beneficial to have everything you need right beside the changing table. This way you will not be leaving your baby unattended and will have everything available at reach. The key is to make your nursery simple, workable and cozy for both you and the baby. 

Plan it all out, stay creative and begin designing a nursery that you will love.

Published by Dawn Richard