Being a visual creature, we human beings communicate much easier through a visual medium than a textual way. If you are looking for a way to represent information online in a visual manner, there could be nothing better than information graphics, also known as infographics. Infographics can combine two completely different elements such as raw scientific data and art into one unique hybrid medium. This way its advantages are not as limited as their parent mediums solely offer. Here are top 5 things that you should absolutely know about to design an infographic that will attract the eyeballs of your target audience.

1. Stick to a single topic

We often see infographics that are way too confusing & crowded to get any kind of actual information out of it. That’s why it is suggested that you use one topic at a time to create your infographic. The good thing about it is that you can elaborate and visualize your selected point as much as you wish to and create a colorful infographic that will help your reader to understand the content.

2. Create your infographics as simple as possible

It is important to understand that by creating infographics you are trying to convey messages that contain information. Do we like messages that are too complicated & overwhelming to understand? No, we generally don’t! Therefore, it will be best for you keep it as simple as possible. Also, too much visual information could be misinterpreted by your readers and therefore, will ultimately have a negative impact on your business.

3 Data, Figures, and charts

You have to remember that it’s the knowledge that you are trying to convey to the readers through your infographics. Thus, use tables, charts, graphs and all the other necessary tools to give the data a professional look. Also, use font sizes that are large enough so that anybody could read. We often encounter infographics that are too small to read. Furthermore, in infographics, you must utilize every available space carefully by using brief yet factual text.

4. Make sure your information is correct

 It is absolutely paramount that you give information that is absolutely correct and can be verified with trustable sources. If you convey information that is not correct, it will have a detrimental effect on your credibility. Visit tayloright to know more about this topic and create correct infographics.

5. Tell a story using your infographics

If you create infographics that can convey information through a bright colorful story, then it will give you an edge that your competitors won’t have. By using a story & a character, you will be able to communicate with the readers. And the readers will look forward to something they can connect to.


Creating infographics is not rocket science. Just make sure you use right color combinations with beautiful backgrounds. Make the infographics small in size so that your reader would be able to download it even with a slow internet connection. If you follow the aforementioned tips carefully, you will be able to create infographics that will grab your readers’ attention in a quick and positive manner.

Published by Karen Anthony