Language. That is one of the main tools, which was given us by nature, which allows millions and millions and people to talk to each other and properly understand all the people around us. Because of the development of the world, the emergence of new communities and cultures, as a result, we invented absolutely new languages, which acted as the depiction of the soul of the nation, which uses it. So, today, in the world we can find absolutely different means of communication. While one of them is pretty similar to each other, like, for instance, Polish and Ukrainian, other seems to be absolutely separate and isolated, such as Finnish or Hungarian. However, you may argue, that, for example, 200 years ago, that was not necessary for a common person to know so many different languages. And, these people will be right. 200 years ago, there was no need for such a thing, but now, in the 21st century, it is terribly important to know as many languages as only possible.

However, if previously, we had only pretty primitive and usual ways of learning languages, today, thanks to the achievements of the technological process, we are able to use lots of really interesting and sometimes, even strange means of learning languages. One of them is the age of the applications. To be honest, that is not really strange, that you can see applications everywhere around you. However, there are sometimes such things, which may be able to impress even the most sophisticated users. For instance, language apps have not always been really popular and widely used by people all over the world. Oppositely, in the very early years of the development of that branch of app building, users were pretty confused with those technologies and teaching arrangements, which have been offered by the programmers. So, as a result, language teaching applications and websites were not really popular. However, it was so before the emergence of a pretty popular and innovative app, called Duolingo. And, because of a great popularity of that extension, lots of the beginning developers became really interested in how to develop a Duolingo-like application. But they usually face different problems and complications during that process. So, today, we are willing to explain you the main tips, which will help you to build a language-learning.

Why is it so important today to learn languages?

Thanks to a line of different historical and economic changes in the world community, which have been taking place from 1648, we may argue, that the humanity was rushing towards the idea of globalization. Of course, we faced lots of complications and obstacles to get to the place, where we are actually now. So, today, in the 21st century and in the year of 2017, we may be able to say, that we live in a really multicultural community, where interconnectedness and globalization play the essential roles.

Because of the fact, that today, while walking around the streets of almost any big city, you may be able to meet people almost from ant place of the world, we may logically make a conclusion, that the states, as well as people, get closer to each other and there is an emergence of the problem of understanding each other. For sure, you may say, that the main international language is English, and, you will be absolutely right. However, it is always really important to know more than two or even three foreign languages. It is so not only because of the fact, that you will be able to build a good career, but also due to the fact, that the respect in the community sometimes is really important, so, good linguistic skills can be pretty useful for you.

How to create an app like Duolingo?

Because of the fact, that Duolingo is not the first linguistic language and lost of the years have gone since the day, when the very first linguistic application was developed, it gets much more complicated to make an app like Duolingo while making not so big effort. So, we may say, that for a successful app development, which would be focused on the creation of an extension for language learning, lots of things have to be taken into account.

First of all, my first and foremost advice among those tips for creating a language learning app will be to find a really good and professional linguist or a tutor with a pretty good experience in teaching the language you need. Besides, the language, which you are going to teach also, matters. For example, if you are willing to teach German, belief, me, that will not be a pretty big problem to find an expert in the German language. However, in case if you have a desire to bring people the knowledge of Hungarian, Finnish or Albanian, or even something not so exotic, for example, Bulgarian, you can face lost of the obstacles and maybe even financial losses, while trying to get a proper teacher, who will be able to give you advice, while you are going to construct an application.

There is also another two really important advice, which you have to keep in mind. First of all, it may sometimes not really easy to make adult people, who really do not want to waste their time on some minor things, interested in the language studying. However, there may be a pretty nice tool, which may help you to cope with that problem. While trying to teach a small child or a dog, we usually use some techniques, which may help us to make our students more interested in what we do. The same thing is with the adult people. Sometimes, our main psychological and natural instincts do not change. A good example is the desire to be the best. So, you may be able to easily use the same technology within an application. For example, you may be able to introduce the system of grades and treats for the students. For example, you may be able to open various secret levels and sections for them in case if they have enough number of good grades. The second thing is the usage of different chat bots, which may be able to make the process of the language learning much easier. For example, such a Chabot may become a good replacement for a real teacher. Moreover, it is pretty easy to make it. But, the setting of such an innovation is a great challenge and you may need several really good and very experienced developers, who will be able to do, what you need and arrange that Chabot in such a way, that a conversation with it will look like a conversation with a real person. Finally, try to use also several tools, which are related to audio, for example, for the better pronunciation of the users. However, here again, we face a need for a good developmental process in order to avoid the same result as with Google Translate bot-talker.

What should you know about language learning app development?

All in all, in order to create really successful language apps you have to make a really big effort and try to implement all of the knowledge you have in order to get a good result in the very end. So, in order to get, what you really need you have to keep in mind several really important rules. The first one is to be creative. The second one is to look only for the best developers. And the last one is to check all the elements precisely. Only, in that case, you can really achieve those goals, which you need and want.



Vladislav Pshenychka is a brand strategist, digital marketing expert, and a blogger. He is a passionate digital strategist. Currently, associated with Artjoker - a leading web development company in Los Angeles

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