After having been to a 'Great Gatsby' Ball on the weekend, I've decided to look at Vintage Glam. Nowadays, the Vintage Style can be imitated with softer fabrics that don't need as much ironing.  You don't need yards and yard of petticoat and starch to carry it off either.

This look is a great one for a formal lunch or dinner, you can have fun with fussy looking shoes, but keep the bag simple or you will end up looking like you're playing dressups!

The Jacket is simple too, so the look isn't too OTD which is a mistake many people make when going vintage.

This dress is a cute Summer 'frock'.  This outfit could easily go very wrong fast!  Keep all accessories modern with a dress like this.....please!!  Or you will look like an extra for a movie set in the past.....Ginger from Gilligans Island anyone?!  The shoes are cute and bright, but modern, the jacket is black and simple and will add a touch of 'badass' to this sort of thing.  The aviator shades just seem to work well with the red in the frames.

I have come to understand after looking at many fashion shoot photos, that the main rules with a Vintage clothing set are to keep it simple and the accessories modern.

Till next blog.....stay fabulous

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe