SoundCloud is one of the best online music streaming websites out there that more than 250 million monthly listeners from across the globe. SoundCloud is a social media platform from which users can record and upload songs and share them with other users. From big music production companies to individual music composer – everyone does use this website to distribute their music among music lovers. Hundreds of awesome music composers join this website in every year, and hence, it has become one of the best music streaming websites. Sometimes, we want to download

Sometimes, we want to download a song from SoundCloud. However, this website doesn’t allow users to download any song or instrumental music from it. But, if you want to download songs from SoundCloud, here are some web apps which will let you do so within moments.

How to download songs from SoundCloud:

This is quite easy with the help of these free web tools. However, you cannot use any song in any YouTube video or anywhere else unless the composer has given you the rights. Otherwise, you may end up violating someone’s copyright. One more thing you should know is that you need to get the exact URL of the song since some of the tools may not allow you to download the whole playlist.

Soundcloud Download- KlickAud:

KlickAud is one of the best and simplest websites out there that lets users download a song that has been uploaded to SoundCloud website. It is very easy o use and not much time-consuming as well. First, copy the song URL from SoundCloud, head over to the official website, enter the URL, hit the Download button. Following that, you will get an option to download the song in .mp3 format. We Recommended This Tool

That's it, This online tool will downloads all the song instantly.

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SCDownloader is also the one of the best SoundCloud songs downloaders but sometimes this online tool won't work properly. This tool also works as similar as the Copy the SoundCloud URL and paste in the form, then click the download button. This tool may take much longer time for downloading songs from the SoundCloud.


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9SoundCloud Downloader:

This is also the online tool available on the internet for downloading SoundCloud songs and playlist. The main purpose of this tool is to provide the SoundCloud songs only. It works as in the same principle of KlickAud SCDL. Copy the Song URL & Paste in the form, then hit download. For playlist downloading it will take much time for downloading.

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How To Download Songs Without Online Tools: (Chrome Extension)

Google Chrome is one of the most powerful browsers and popular browser in the world. Due to this much popularity, a lot of assistance has been readily available for the Google Chrome users. The only way to download SoundCloud song without online tools is by installing chrome extension in the browsers. 

Recently, A thread has been created and discussed this Soundcloud downloader chrome extension on "". A lot of users joined on this thread and commented their experience on this thread. Finally, they came to the conclusion as top 3 chrome extension which is best for downloading SoundCloud songs and They are:

Read the complete thread here:

User Commenting on KlickAud Chrome Extension:

That’s it! There are more other methods and websites to download songs from SoundCloud. However, these tools mentioned above are tested and reliable.

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