Have you ever had a sore shoulder because you are lugging around a huge handbag?  Have you ever had your back worked on because you need said bag..........everywhere!!

I have, which is why I'm writing this article.  I have a huge mimco bag which is heavy even without all my junk in it.  I keep finding stuff to put in it the longer I use it.  I've worked out that this is a problem many women have all over the world, as we start work, become mothers etc, we need more stuff onboard.

This is why when the fashions change....for example, mini bags (who was the masochist that thought of that little number?!) or we get given a bag for a present that is the size of a postage stamp we struggle.


Here's the bag I started off with and the wallet is huge as well....carries everything, but hurts if I'm carrying it around the mall for longer than half an hour, gets in the way and just about knocks me out when I try on shoes. (You know when it swings from your shoulder and knocks you in the head when you bend down).

So this is how I downsized to this tiny number.............wasn't easy, but if you follow this fail safe steps, you can do it too.


1. Get a smaller wallet

2. Work out what you can't function without

3. Put them all in front of you.

4. Look again, what do I use every time I'm out?  

5. Take every thing else out of the equation........believe me, I did this a few times

6. Look at the dimensions of the bag (will it fit without wrecking it?)

7. Put it all in so you can see it all when you open the bag.


As always, thanks for reading and I hope this helps.

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe