So, we all know just how difficult it is to create that point at the end of our eyes that everyone has been raving about for the last few years.

Why is winged liner so hyped up? Goodness knows, but I have to agree that I love creating endless beauty looks that incorporate winged liner. 

Winged liner gives the impression of 'feline' eyes, hence elongating your eyes to change the appearance of your face - it's amazing what makeup can do!

I myself, think winged liner completes a makeup look. Whether that be a minimalistic makeup look, or a full on 'glam' makeup look; winged liner adds that little 'something' extra, in my opinion. 

Butttt, how do we do it?!

It took me a long time to learn the tips and tricks of getting the perfect wing on my eyes; you have to be familiar with your eye shape and learn what makeup works best for you.

For example, I prefer using gel eyeliner for my wing and applying it with a slanted, precise brush. Others may find a felt tip pen-form of a liquid liner easier; it solely depends on your preference! I would recommend to begin learning with one of these techniques, as opposed to learning with a regular liquid liner with a flimsy tip (i.e. NYC Liquid Liner).

Once you've chosen the makeup and tools you would like to use to create your wing, it's all about technique.

The 3 steps below are those that I follow to create my wing as easily and neatly as possible: 

Step 1

Draw one line, starting at the outer corner of your lower water line and ending where you want the wing to stop; this is all down to your preference, you can make the wing as long or short as you would like.

Step 2

Place your pen/brush at the end of your wing, and draw another line to connect the end of the wing to the outer-third of your eyelid. Then, fill in the gap of the wing with eyeliner.

Step 3

Draw a thin line on your upper waterline and as you approach the beginning of the wing, match up your thin line so it combines with your wing


I'm not going to lie, winged eyeliner is not the easiest makeup trick to get the hang of; it will take numerous efforts until you discover the exact way you like to create it on yourself. I find this technique is the easiest for me, and I hope some others may find this of use too.



Published by Jessica Errington