As a flight attendant you probably spend the most of your time in the air. Not all airlines provide delicious and healthy food for their employees on board, that is why since I started working as a flight attendant I gained 4kg (8lbs) for year and a half.

As I have sometimes to spend almost 12 hours on the plane, here is what I make at home by myself and bring to work.

As you know smoothies are healthy, refreshing and easily to prepare. They give a great energy and this is the best way to start the day!  Usually I prepare my smoothies at home before leaving for work, pack them securely and put them in the ice bucket, as soon as I get on board. Some people say you should not drink a smoothie later than an hour, because the vitamins in it disappear. The sooner you drink it, the better for you, but if not it’s okay. At least you will have somethig delicious which is low in calories. These are some of my favourite mixes…

A refreshing smoothie for breakfast and a healthy meal for lunch! For lunch I usually take what’s left from dinner last night. It is easier for me to prepare it the day before, instead of cooking in the last minute before leaving for work. In most cases I cook baked salmon with garlic, different spices and potatoes; roasted chicken with rice or  just roasted vegetables. Let me share two healthy recipes you should definately try!

Chicken with maple syrup
– 200gr chicken fillet
– 3 tbsp maple syrup
– 1 tsp curry
– garlic
– salt
– water (enough to cover the meat)

1. In a pot put everything except the chicken fillet and mix well.
2. After the sause is ready, put each chicken fillet in the mix for about 10 minutes on each side.
3. After the chicken is ready pour over the chicken with the sause.

Rolls with quinoa, vegetables and tahini sause
– 4 rice leaves
– 200gr cucumber
– 150gr red pepper
– parsley and mint
– 40gr lettuce
– 200gr boiled quinoa
– soy sause
– 30ml lime

For the sause
– 100gr hazel tahini
– soy sause
– honey or maple suryp
– lime
– hot water
– olive oil

1. Mix the cooked quinoa with the soy sause and the lime juice. Leave it away.
2. Cut all the vegetables. Shred the lettuce leaves.
3. In a large pot with hot water put the rice leaves one by one for 15seconds.
4. After that fill those leaves with quinoa and all the vegetables and screw them in small rolls.
5. For the sause put everything together except the hot water and mix .
6. Slowly start adding some hot water until it turns into a sause .
7. Try it and add more lime juice or honey if needed.

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Published by Monika Kachamanova