The question "How to eat right?" should be the image of your life, not a short-term course for rapid weight loss. Get used to the idea that eating right is a good habit. Man is what he eats ...

Therefore, as soon as you think about what you eat, immediately start eating right. How to eat properly, and this article is devoted.

So, in order to make your diet right, it must first become healthy. Eat food grown in your area, but do not give up fruit!
Try to eat only freshly prepared and tasty food for you.
Eat only when you are hungry. A real sense of hunger arises only when the previous food has gone through the whole stage of digestion and digestion.
Match the meals with your biological rhythms. If you get up early, then start early.
Eat slowly, carefully chewing food and wetting it with saliva.
The amount of food taken at a time should not exceed the volume of 2 palms.
Do not eat with an abnormal emotional state (anxiety, fatigue, fear, pain, depression, anger, inflammation). while movement in the digestive tract slows down or stops. Food taken in this state is not digested, rots, wanders.
Feeling the first signs of saturation, stop eating - you are already full!
Do not eat too cold and too hot food. Consume food in a warm form.
Do not consume unfamiliar food in large quantities. It should be introduced gradually into the diet.
Consume liquid before and after eating, but not at the time! It is better to drink juice or compote 15 minutes before eating. After carbohydrate food (cereals and bread) should be drunk after 2 hours, and after protein (meat, fish) only after 4 hours. If you have a desire to drink, rinse your mouth with water and make only 2-3 drops of water.

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In order to systematically clean the intercellular fluid and connective tissue from metabolic toxins, you should go hungry for 36 hours every week or visit the steam room 2 times a week.

The basis of a healthy diet is the proportion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Their number depends on how active a person is.

People of intellectual labor move very little, but their brains require a lot of energy, so their diet should contain 100-110 grams of protein, 80-90 grams of fat and 300-350 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Those who expend physical forces in the process of activity require more muscle energy, so they need 115-120 grams of protein, 80-90 grams of fat and 400 grams of carbohydrates.

In addition, every organism must consume vitamins, minerals and fiber daily.

Normal can be called a diet, in which there is meat (fish and seafood), cereals, dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

Consumption of sugar and baking is best reduced to zero. And if you wanted a sweet, then it is better to eat a spoonful of natural honey than candy!

If you study the question "How to eat right?" and start to put it into effect, then in a year or two the problem of excess weight will disappear by itself!

Published by Yatin Arora