With the power of our mind can attract what we dread or what we desire. Many of us spend time imagining dreadful worst-case scenarios with all the realization our imagination can provide. From a sour conversation gone wrong to a rejection of a pursuit. We can ultimately defeat ourselves in what we think and feel to be true.

So why do we often spend time creating by imagination on what we don't want and end up feeling miserable?

The challenge then is to focus our divine creative power of imagination and think and feel our way into the state and circumstances we desire. Imagine the best case scenario. Feel it happening. Believe it is happening to you right you now.For time exists only now. In the now of time reject all the obstacles, barriers, and difficulties to your wish fulfilled and dwell in the end.


Working your mind to filter out negativity associated with obtaining your wish fulfilled can truly become a beneficial activity to practice. In training our mind to surrender with acceptance our preferred or desired a state of existence we can live much happier. Once we cleanse our perspectives we can begin to utilize our creative power knowing nothing is impossible for the I Am of us.

Published by Naomi S. Gobern