Do you ever get those days when you just feel like your life isn’t together? Do you ever get jealous of people who seem like they have it all together into neat, nifty, little piles?


Anyway, on to the list! Here’s 10 easy ways to feel like your life is together. If you feel it enough, maybe it’ll come true.

  1. Buy your groceries. I just love the look and the feel of a fully-stocked fridge. This isn’t really a regular thing for me though. Sometimes I just get so busy that I feel like I don’t have time for anything else, such as doing my groceries. And this makes me feel even more, for a lack of better word, ‘shitty’. And then I end up spending $15 on dinner. Sigh. No matter what, make time for doing your groceries!
  2. Do your laundry. Who doesn’t love having a stock of clean clothes? I don’t know about you but I feel like my life isn’t together whenever I want to wear an outfit (e.g. my best “going to my Prof’s office hours” outfit or “going-out” outfit) that’s already been discarded in my laundry bag.
  3. Keep your place clean and organized. Didn’t someone say “a clean house, a clean mind”? Or something? Well, it couldn’t be more true. There’s something about the look of a made bed, cleared countertops, and organized desk supplies that really makes me feel like my life  is together.
  4. Find an ‘agenda system’ that works for you. I decided to ditch the traditional agenda for Google Calendar. I just love seeing all my commitments in either different sub-calendars or together in my main calendar — depends on what I’m feeling. You can’t really do that with a traditional agenda. Also, I realized that I don’t really use all of the pages on my agenda for my daily to-do list. Sometimes I have busy days, sometimes I don’t. It just seems wasteful to not use some pages, so I opted for a cute notebook to write my to-do lists and other notes in. I’ll definitely write a blog post about how I plan my days in the future!
  5. Track your budget. This is a given. Just grab a little notebook and list all of your expenses. Make sure you don’t go out of budget!
  6. Work out regularly. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t. Legally blonde references aside, I just feel so much happier — mentally and physically — whenever I work out. Even though my life may be hectic, I still take 2 hours to work out at least 3 times a day. You’ll see a difference in your mood and outlook, I promise. But if you can’t make that much time for exercise, a 30-minute workout can do wonders, too. Just try to do what you can. Trust me, your life would just feel 10 times more together.
  7. Eat healthier. One week, I decided to not pick out my usual bunch of kale. I don’t think I had any leafy-greens that week either. I was wondering why I was feeling so low for no particular reason. Then, grocery shopping day came along, grabbed myself a bunch of kale, got home, made myself a kale and quinoa salad, and boom. Instant happiness. Mood boost = life together? I think there’s a correlation.
  8. Learn how to say ‘no’. Balance your life. With all of the things we have to do, sometimes we just get really into the moment that we just can’t say no when people ask more from us. No. Just say no. Respectfully, of course. Only take on more when you really feel like it’s not going to drown you further into your sea of commitments.
  9. Take time to take care of yourself. It’s so important to just pause for a second. Or more. Take this time to reset. Don’t let yourself be too stressed out.
  10. Change your mindset. Take your ‘failures’ and turn them into opportunities. You failed today, that’s true. But how you respond to that failure is up to you. Make a comeback. Don’t let your failures stop you. Let them enable you.

So here are my top tips to getting life together. What are your tips? Leave them down below!

Till later,


Published by Grace Manalili