It’s Thursday morning, I’m in the kitchen, I’m eating my breakfast with a cup of coffee. Then I will go to the bathroom and I will get dressed to start my day.

I am not working so I am most my days at home and this can transform you into a sleeping ghost if you don’t have some rules to follow. I will tell you what I do to not being lazy or to feel that I don’t want to do anything anymore.

You already know that we live in Spain and since I got here, I’m still not working. I guess there is a problem with the jobs that I can’t seem to find a job, so I’m staying at home.

Sometimes is fun, but sometimes is so frustrating, and I know that wives and stay-at-home moms understand me when I say this.

I noticed that sometimes I am sad that I can’t find work and I want to stay in bed in my pajamas.

Another important thing that I noticed, is that when I don’t go out, I feel very depressed, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining or sunny, I need to get some air, to walk through nature and I immediately feel better. So I was thinking about things I do to fight that painful routine of a stay-at-home wife or mom:

  • I always set my alarm clock, to get up and not sleeping till noon, even though I know I will not sleep that long.
  • After breakfast, I change into comfortable but casual clothes,not pajamas.
  • I ALWAYS make our bed, this is not a chore for me, I am used to doing this since forever.
  • I open the windows to enter the fresh air in the house.
  •  I put sometimes a little make-up, even though, maybe that day I don’t even go out. It makes me feel more beautiful.
  •  I think of what I want to do that day and I do it.
  • When I am in the kitchen, making a meal, I always listen to my favorite radio, it makes me happier.
  •  I like to have the house organized, even when I am not cleaning or vacuuming, so I look for what I have to straighten up.
  • I relax.
  • I make time to read from the book I’m reading at the moment and enjoy a cup of tea with it.
  • I never forget to drink water. For some of you maybe, drinking water is a chore. Not for me, I love water. 🙂
  • When I work on my laptop, I bring it to the kitchen table, because this way I can concentrate better on what I have to do, instead of sitting on the couch or in bed. And I stand straight. 🙂
  • The last thing would be that I go out. I like going out to the park or even when I have to go to buy something, I like walking, and I do it every day. I am not a sports person, but I do love walks.

I know that sometimes staying at home can be frustrating but think about things you love to do, and do them, and REMEMBER, do all things with love. 🙂

Don’t stress out if you can’t finish all you wanted to do on a particular day, but start enjoying little things in life, because those things you will remember from your marriage.

I love when my husband comes home from work, I love to prepare food for us and to eat together and to talk.

This is my pleasure for the day.

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