Cancer cells are very different from healthy ones and Body Buster Winnipeg will explain it to you better so that you can understand.

They have about ten times more insulin receptors, allowing them to swallow huge amounts of glucose from the bloodstream for a very short time. The more carbohydrates you take, the more cancer cells will spread. In this line of thought, it is not surprising that the lowest percentage of cancer-cured patients have high blood sugar. On the other hand, cancer cells have impaired mitochondria and cannot produce energy from fatty acids.

Periodic fasting and fighting cancer

The ketone diet is even more effective when combined with periodic starvation because it increases production of ketones and can cause cancer cells to starve. And patients at an advanced stage can do leaching with lemon water for three to seven days.

Nowadays most diets and fitness diets recommend eating five times a day, which prevents the cells from starving, maintains high levels of insulin. This, in turn, leads to the risk of cancer cells growing.

There are different types of periodic starvation depending on the window of eating time - 4 hours or 8 hours. In this way, the body is stimulated to produce ketones to produce energy. 20-hour fasting is extremely suitable for cancer patients.

Which foods are allowed?

The ketone diet relies on foods rich in healthy fats. These are avocado, coconut oil, butter, cold-pressed olive oil, eggs, raw nuts and seeds. You can also eat low-carbohydrate vegetables - cabbage, sorrel, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, kale, spinach. The sources of protein are - meat, pasturage of beef, chicken, fish and seafood, whole milk dairy products, fermented dairy products.

Maintaining an alkaline environment in the body is important for the weakening of cancer cells. The use of organic acids, antioxidants and enzymes will help you achieve such an environment.

Both high-carbohydrate diet and excessive protein intake nourish the growth of cancer cells. The ketone diet recommends moderate intake of proteins from pure sources. It is high in fat with 75 percent healthy fats, 20 percent protein and only about 5 percent carbohydrates. This high percentage of fat allows the body to feel saturated with optimal levels of insulin.

If you decide to indulge in this diet, it is good to take high-quality supplements that are not synthetic. It is good to include multivitamins, probiotics and especially omega-3. Omega-3 is extremely beneficial to the human body but also has proven activity against cancer cells.

It is recommended to use Omega – 3 as part of your diet if you want to maintain your body healthy and a normal body weight. There are many supplements for Omega – 3 that can be purchased from a pharmacy store.

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Published by John Zeller