It’s an age old saying that excess of anything is always bad. The word addiction would be the right thing to describe when you’re involved in something in excess, meaning that you’re consuming most of the days’ time in that particular activity. One of the most common addiction nowadays among teenagers and the higher age group is an addiction to gadgets and technology. Nowadays almost everyone uses smartphones, laptops, tablets and other devices. However many people spend most of their day doing nothing productive and instead of searching unnecessary stuff on Google, playing games, and spending time on social media sites and others just remove cyber addiction at the first place.

How are Tech and Mobile Addiction Dangerous for YOU?

Thus, a limited usage of these devices won’t harm much but spending excessive amounts of time in front of the screen has many adverse impacts that can stick with you for the long term.

If you’re a parent who is concerned about their child’s technology habit or if you’re a school or college going student, you can quickly remove addiction through breathing exercises.

People who usually face trouble sleeping might use gadgets as a perfect pastime. While having your eyes on the screen, it becomes a lot harder to induce sleep.

In such a situation you can try incorporating breathing meditation exercises by best life coach in Adelaide in routine to notice quick benefits. The way of breathing soothes the nervous system, which would induce sleep in a few minutes.

Whoosh Breathing Technique 

Before doing such exercise you have to make sure that you’ve easily tucked in your favorite pajamas as you can easily doze off before knowing it.

Now lie down on your back, and rest your tongue tip on the mouth roof, on the ridge behind your upper teeth.

Now exhale and let your body relax inside the bed.

Inhale slowly to the count of 4 through your nose and hold your breath till seven counts.

Now softly whoosh the breath out through the mouth on the count of 8 while keeping your tongue base at the mouth.

The breathing should be continued till you’re able to sleep.

Clearing negative thoughts for being free

Negativity is mostly linked to getting involved in useless stuff, and sometimes It wouldn’t be that bad, but a few times it can be positive 24/7 and would probably become harder than it would sound at the beginning.

Negative thoughts only become problematic when we’re thinking of beginning to believe that we feel or think and that becomes a large part of our day to day routine. Breathing tips for success in life are essential if you see yourself struggling and

Qigong Breathing Techniques 

With the Qigong breathing hacks for teenagers, you can gently release negativity and welcome positive emotions that would keep you away from any negative habit as well.

Stand and keep your feet a little wide than hip-width apart, with your feet and legs parallel and also your toes pointed at forwarding direction. Now relax your belly and also bring arms by the sides.

On the inhalation, you need to breathe length in the spine and also release shoulders and arms down, with the palms turned up. Now, taking a few steady breaths would do the work as well.

Upon next inhalation, gradually raise the arms. And gather every negative thought that distracts and holds you back.

Upon exhaling, change palms to a downward position, while lowering your arms in the front and softly bend your knees. Consciously you need to release such feelings down and into the earth.

The natural healing Adelaide process can be repeated for two or more times.

Upon next inhalation, you can raise your arms and also gather all positive emotions, beliefs, and feelings.

The process needs to be repeated for three or more times.

These simple breathing techniques can be put up in your daily routine anytime you want to. To know more about other methods for overcoming the cyber addiction, Get Breathe Right – Gain New Academic Heights” by me, Prem Peyara, a life coach in Adelaide. Grab your copy now to overcome smartphone and technology addiction real quick. This book is the best guide for students, having the drug addiction, weight issues, concentration problems. Re-define the future of your child with the super affordable book. Get it for your child overall development. 

Published by Prem Peyara