With the advent of new trends in technology, there is an urgent need for increasing the pace of communication in an organization as well as outside the organization. To meet the need for fast communication service, the Fax came into existence. This great technology has made our life easier. Now we can send any document containing important messages and details from one place to another within a few seconds. It becomes the most common and fast medium to send the document from one place to another in all over the world. Send as many documents as you want. The fax uses a telephone number to connect with other recipients. It scans the document to be sent and then transfer it to the relevant place. The machine is also connected with the printer in order to print the document in hard copy.

Fax Cover Sheet

A fax cover sheet refers to the document that is faxed first to the recipient before your actual fax message. You can also use many kinds of fax cover sheet template to make your fax cover sheet. The main purpose to send a fax cover sheet to the recipient is to let the recipient identify the sender and his objective to fax him. It is useful in recognizing the particular brand of the business. In other words, we can say that a fax cover sheet includes the index or a summary of the documents to be faxed. Thus, it plays a crucial role in the communication world. First of all, we send the fax cover sheet containing all the summary of documents. Then we send all other required documents.

5 Rules to fill out fax cover sheet online

  1. Precise- Be precise, and to the point. Don’t include any unnecessary text.  
  2. Proper details- Don’t forget to write your name, phone number, and title of your fax. The details should be clear and correct. Review it once before sending it further.
  3. Purpose of sending- If you are sending a fax that represents your resume, specify it clearly to the recipient. Not only for resumes but for all kinds of the fax message, you have to mention your purpose properly.
  4. Numbering of the page- Always remember to put the number of pages if you are sending the multiple pages to the recipient. It will assist in keeping the documents in chronological order.
  5. Clearly mention the purpose of sending the fax.
  6. Proper font size and space-  Use proper font size to type your message. But don’t use the much bigger font size than necessary. Put proper space between the words of your message.
  7. Details of enclosures- Provide all the details of documents as enclosures. It works as a summary of your sending documents.

How to fill out cover sheet?

To fill out the cover sheet, you can select the fax cover sheet template as per your choice or requirement. There is no hard and fast rule to select the fax cover sheet template. Your fax sheet template can be a professional template or a personal template. There are varieties of templates available for the fax cover sheet online. However, a general fax cover sheet template consists of your name, company name, phone number, email address, the name of the recipient & his company, and contact number along with the short and precise message.

How to fax cover sheet online?

Now, when you have created a fax cover sheet, it’s time to send it to the recipient. To fax cover sheet online, firstly you have to get online fax services and activate your account. After that, you can send a fax online. Let’s get into detail how to fax cover sheet online?

  • Open up your online fax service page.
  • Select the send fax tab.
  • Enter the fax recipient number.
  • Attach your fax cover sheet by clicking on the add file option. Don’t have the cover sheet? Create one in real-time by clicking on the Add Text button.
  • Click on the send button.


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