After reading a number of reviews we found that Godaddy dedicated hosting server is really a cheaper in amount. It gives the server space only in a low amount but its features and support gives a high cost value. Godaddy dedicated server comes with pre-installed operating system of your choice. In it you can choose a different type of servers. Each one is different to another based on the number of CPU core, memory and storage allocation.  And each one is different to others in pricing also.

Godaddy dedicated server

Four type of hosting server goddady provides Shared server, VPS, cloud and dedicated server. But for find best enhanced performance and security, make choice of dedicated server. Godaddy gives two types of dedicated server which are based on operating systems

  • Godaddy Linux dedicated server
  • Godaddy Window dedicated server

Linux dedicated server for linux operating system and window server for window operating system. Both of them have four plans which are arrange by features and pricing.

How can we compare hosting server price?

Comparing done behalf of various elements. It’s not necessary expensive plan will give a best service or result. And not always compulsory that cheaper plan will give cheap service and feature. So we always set the result of hosting service, its working result. Result will be counted on amount, feature, tools, space and bandwidth. Hosting service should have all needed features, tools and space at affordable price. Low price means not only minimum cost. It means dedicated hosting server space should be at affordable amount with all our needed features. Such type of plan of various hosting companies we compare to find best one. Godaddy provides dedicated hosting server at $159.99 per month. Its discounted price is $109.99 per month after 31% off.

Why Godaddy dedicated server price is low cost?

Godaddy dedicated server pricing are already very low. For additional deduction is Godaddy himself going by give some discount offer.Godaddy is giving up-to 50 to 57% off on all dedicated plan. This makes a great amount of saving.

Linux dedicated plan- There are four plan within.

  • Economy- Get this plan only in $69.99 per month, on sale godaddy is giving 58% discount.
  • Value- $99.99/mo charged, get 50% off.
  • Deluxe-$109.99/mo, on sale saves 56%.
  • Ultimate-$129.99 per month, get saving 62% which will be big amount discount

Windows dedicated plan-It also have four plans which have differentamount and features.

  • Economy- saves 50% at $99.99/mo
  • Value- Managed plan is low as on sale save 43% at $129.99 amount.
  • Deluxe-$139.99 charge for one month, now on sale gets 50% off
  • Ultimate-Save 57%, on $159.99

All of these plans are have 4 cores CPU with 3 dedicated IP address. Unmetered bandwidth, 1 to 2 TB storage and one year free SSL certificate with big storage memory. All are only of few amount godaddy is giving their customers.

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