With more fragrances coming onto the market, it is becoming more difficult to choose the right scent. The question most people worry about is if the perfume they are going to wear will be fit for the occasion that they will be attending. It is the intention of everyone to purchase the fragrance that will fit them the best. When choosing your scent, remember to distinguish between men and women, summer and winter, and morning and evening scents. The difference in occasion - and matching your fragrance to the occasion - is imperative to making a good impression and presenting a happy and appropriate identity.

Fragrances by Season:

There are a lot of fragrances to wear during each specific season. Here are a few examples and considerations of fragrances during their relative seasons:


This category consists of fruit fragrances: These range from lemon, tangerine, and mandarin to cherry and lime scents. These scents are great for heading out to breakfast or for daytime events. They are especially popular in spring as they reflect the the fruition of plants and flowers.


This category includes floral fragrances: This includes jasmine, rose and lilies amongst others. They best suit the office or evening occasions during summer. They are refreshing, smell great and give off a scent of both formality and fun. This smell also works for romantic summer evening dates or post work drinks with the girls. Do note that floral scents are more feminine scents and so would be better suited to women.


Another category is that of more fresh smells: This includes the smell of pine, mint and woodlands. This smell oozes fresh autumn air and wakefulness. It can be worn during new cool autumn days when the force of the sun balances out the chill in the air.


Another category is that of oriental fragrances: These include spice aromas such as raisins, amber, balsams, cinnamons and smokey scents. These work really well during the winter for evening parties and family celebration. they reflect the cool and cosy ambience of winter and have a Christmassy hint to them.  

Always Consider the Concentration and Type

The concentration of your perfume will be a factor to consider when making your purchase.

The pure perfume: This is the most expensive. It will however have a strong scent that will last for a long time. Be sparing with this kind of scent.

The cologne: This is a diluted fragrance. It is cheaper and can be worn by both men and women. It has a cool smell and will require you to carry out a re-application from time to time as it evaporates faster than pure perfume. You can get some great fragrances like this from All Beauty. Plus is you use All Beauty promo codes then you can save money on your favourite scent.

Not Wearing Fragrances

At times, you may be required not to wear any kind of fragrances. This is because it may be irritating for some people. For instance when travelling on a plane it is important to stay away from any kind of fragrance. The hospital too should be clear of any kind of fragrance. When you are visiting a small child, you should also ensure that you stay away from strong scents.

Saving Money on Your Fragrance

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Overall finding the perfect scent for your occasion is a great way to show people who you are while making you feel confident. Use this guide to help you decide on your next big event’s scent!


Published by Charlesa Gibson