We All Have A Sense Of Style; Gothic, Vintage, Modern, Or You Follow Trends. My Sense Of Style Is Simple And Comfortable. My Closet Is Full Of The Basic Necessities Like T-Shirts, Jeans, Tank Tops, And Coats That Are All In The Neutral Spectrum. I Love This Style The Best, Because I ROCK The Basic Style The Best! I Can Create 20 Different Outfits With Just One Shirt!

Let's Find Out What YOUR Fashion Style Is!

Bright, Bold, Dramatic!

rihrihThis Style Is When You Wear Bright Colors, Exciting Pieces, And You're Always On Show! You Love To Be The Spotlight, And Your Style Radiates It! People With Dramatic Style Doesn't Always Wear Bright Colors, Clothing Items That Make Statements Like Leather, Rompers, Different Prints, And Sultry Clothing Are Also Worn. 

Example: Rihanna's Street Style



Comfort, Cozy, Snug!

kylie-jenners-trick-for-looking-expensive-in-sweatpants-1663032-1455811762.640x0c.jpgComfort Style Is Dressing Down In A Cute, Normal Way Without Giving Up The Coziness Of Comfy Clothing. This Is My Style; Hoodies, Tee's, Leggings, Sandals. Dressing Comfortably Doesn't Mean You Have To Stick To A Color Scheme, But More Outfits Could Be Made From One Item If You Have A Scheme That Compliments Each Other. For Example, My Clothing Colors Are Usually Soft; Light Blue, Beige, Brown, White, etc.

Example: Kylie Jenner's Comfort Style

Vintage, Classical, Timeless!

beyWearing Vintage Style Clothing Isn't Rummaging Through Your Grandmother's Closet For Clothes. Vintage Style Is Modern Clothing With A Era Twinge. A Recent Trend Has Been The 90s Look; Brown Lipstick, Overalls, Jumpsuits, Bomber Jackets, And High-Waisted Jeans. Vintage Clothing Could Go From Soft Colors To Bright, Crazy Prints. If This Is Your Style, Either Way Is The Way To Go.

Example: Beyoncé's Vintage Style

Sporty, Athletic, Energetic!

hAileybaldwinNike, Check. Puma, Check. Adidas, Check! Not Only Are You Fit And Sporty, But You Are Cute And A FINE Shortie! Sporty Chics And Gents Dress In Athletic Garb; Sports Bras, Polyester Tricot Fabric Jackets, Tights, Joggers, And More! Sport-Inspired Clothing Is A Trend That Will Never Die; It's Comfortable, Stylish, And Gives A Boost Of Confidence!

Example: Hailey Baldwin's Sports Style

All Around, Everything, All Above!

You're An EVERYTHING Person! You Don't Stick To One Style, You Stick To Multiple! One Day You're Sporty, The Next Day You're Wearing A Knock-Out Black Dress! Kill It Girl, And Rock It All! Don't Let Anyone Jack Your Style! Whichever One You Are, Be Sure To Strut Your Stuff!

Published by Nikkol Baker