Give him all your love

Give him all that you have

And, give him all that you are

Empty yourself

Just to fill yourself with the silence

Where silence echoes his name

Fall in love; truly, deeply and madly as they say

Fall to the depth

The depth, from where it’s hard to escape

And then,

Let him go

‘Cause he wouldn’t want to stay

Too much of love scares them, trust me!

And you being a loving human being, wouldn’t give any less

So, let him go

Be lost

Lost in the darkness that seeks the light of love

Be lost

Lost within, where you can’t find yourself

Crawl your way back to the place

The place that feels like home

Search for it

Find it

Sense the smell of home, the warmth of home

Now that you gave all that you had,

Discover what you never had

The love, you never had for yourself

Look for it, girl!


You have to be lost, to find your true-self!

Published by Asmita Nepal