Muscle growth has been proven to comply with certain principles that are guaranteed to generate positive results, regardless of your current physique.

These are not new laws at all. They are what people with awesome physiques and spectacular strength have been using for years. Some of them may seem obvious, while others may appear to contradict what you’ve always believed.

Rest assured that they are simple, practical, and authentic. If you have been searching for the best and most simple ways to conquer your muscle building goals, then these are the laws to guide you to success.


Law #1: Muscles Will Only Grow If Forced To

When you engage in regular weight training, your muscle fibres develop tiny tears. Your body consistently repairs the damage, and your muscles are then forced to adapt to the stimulus that is causing the damage. This growth is what is referred to as hypertrophy.

If you use a small stimulus, e.g. light weights, your muscles develop very few micro-tears. The results are feeble gains and frustration because your body concludes that it doesn’t need to grow more muscle to handle the miniature stimulus.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  puny weights, puny muscle growth

That weight ain't gonna help ya, bro!

On the flip side, if you cause too many micro-tears, your body will be unable to fully repair the damage, resulting in stunted growth. After all the agony you’ve been through, this would be a certifiable catastrophe.

The solution is to lift just enough to cause optimal micro-tearing of the muscle, and then make sure to feed and rest properly.


Law #2: Muscle Growth Is Triggered By Overload, Not Fatigue

You know that burning sensation you feel during a mind-blowing workout? The pumped up feeling that makes you feel massive and fearless after a frenzied bench press or squat session?

Well, that pumped feeling doesn’t mean anything for your muscle gain!

spectacular muscle growth muscle laws

Feeling all pumped up and swole!

That’s right. Muscle pump is simply blood that has accumulated in the muscles as it delivers more energy where it is needed the most. It doesn’t mean that all that suffering you've been through will result in future muscle growth.

At the same time, that ‘burn’ feeling is simply lactic acid produced when your muscles burn energy. It does not indicate that you have induced muscular growth. In fact, though lactic acid triggers the release of anabolic hormones, excess amounts of it actually hinders growth and breaks down muscle tissue.

So what really causes muscle growth? Overload. Pure and simple!

You have to lift a weight that is heavy enough to force your muscles to adapt and grow. You don’t have to lift till you’re tired. Remember – heavy weights, short and intense sets, with low reps.


Law #3: Muscle Growth Happens in the Kitchen and Bedroom

This seems to be one rule that a lot of people just refuse to understand, especially amateurs. It’s a common misconception that excessive lifting is all that is required to build muscle.

Some people have a training program that is all about too many sets, very few rest days, and absolutely nothing about proper nutrition. You go about training the same muscle groups over and over again. You may gain some muscle initially, but your growth will not be comparable to all the time and effort you are putting in.

Here’s the real deal:

If you don’t eat correctly and allow your muscles time to recuperate, you will fail to see any increase in muscle strength or size.

muscle growth nutrition

Eating for muscle gain

Research has shown that the body needs between two to five days to fully repair micro-tears in muscles. Sleep is very important because most of the body’s growth hormone is produced when asleep. How do you know your muscle has rested adequately? You experience reduced soreness and inflammation.

What you eat determines the kind of body you have. It is very important to understand how much protein/carbs/fats to eat; which kinds are best for maximum growth; how many times a day to eat; and how many calories to consume every day. If you are serious about muscle growth, then you need to have a serious muscle building diet.


In conclusion:

These 3 laws aren’t that hard to follow.

  • Force your muscles to adapt
  • Overload your muscles,
  • Eat properly and get 6 – 12 hours of sleep.

Just like the laws of physics, if you follow them, they won’t let you down!

Published by Kevin Omz