For many people, gaining muscle mass may be a highly frustrating task, and they want some smart methods to do it efficiently. Even though it is not possible by being a couch potato, for those who are willing to give it a serious try, there are some effective tips to be tried out. Here, we will discuss four such tips, which will help in effective weight gain and muscle building.

1. Food intake

People have a lot of misunderstanding about weight gain. But, the base principle about it is that the body will only grow if you consume enough calories daily. You need to consume more calories and burn them accordingly each day to get started. The aim to be set can be ideally 20 calories per each pound of weight to gain ideal muscle mass.

Considering a 180-pound male, we may need the daily calorie consumption as 20 x 180 = 3600 calories. However, if you put on some extra pounds of weight, but finding body fat increasing, then it is essential to increase the aerobic exercise or reduce the total calorie intake.

2. Appropriate protein intake

Consuming good quality protein at the desired level only is essential in muscle building. The recommendation now is ideally consuming minimum 0.8-gram protein per kilogram of body mass. However, this applies to the sedentary individuals. If we get more active, then the protein requirements also increase. If you weigh 80kg, then one may need to consume anywhere between 120g and 160g of protein.

However, all proteins are not equal when it comes to muscle mass building. As per legal steroids for sale, to supplement to appropriate muscle building, stick to high-quality protein only like milk, whey, fish, eggs, and lean meats.

3. What you hear about low-fat diet is mostly a myth

Fat is also important nutrition, especially when it comes to building body mass. Some essential fats like EPA and DHA etc., which are found in abundance in fish oil are found highly effective in brain development, heart health, and vision. Some studies have also shown that low-fat diet may also decrease the testosterone level over time.

The total dietary fat intake may be about 30% of the total calorie intake in a day. So, you need to deliberately include some fat to keep the normal functional process of your body. Try to include the good fats, otherwise called as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and try to avoid the wrong fats like trans fats and saturated fats.

4. Choose the most appropriate muscle building exercises

Along with appropriate dietary intake, it is also essential to the most appropriate muscle building regimes to achieve the physique of your dreams. A compound mix of exercises including squats, bench press, deadlift, lateral pull downs, shoulder press, etc. may be ideal. It is advisable to get the advice of an expert trainer to choose the best regime based on your specific body built and life habits. If performed rightly, core muscle mass exercises may stimulate your muscle growth and provide extra strength due to the hormonal and nervous responses it produces.

Along with all these, it is also essential to fuel your body after training to quench the quest for more muscles. Choose an appropriate recovery drink also the following workout. A good combination of fast digesting proteins and appropriate volume carbs can be the ideal nutrition supplementation post workout.

Published by Lucy Jones